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This Week’s Released Movies That It’s Too Much To Be Missed

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It doesn’t feel like we’re almost at the weekend again, after all this week we’ve been doing routine activities for survival. Meanwhile, now cinemas have started operating again, on streaming platforms new films are still being released, such as the newest installment of the old horror franchise Candyman, the latest action film by controversial Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono who is also the umpteenth time actor Nicolas Cage entertained audiences from this year’s pandemic film, Prisoners of the Ghostland, to the gripping adventures of a child kidnapped by a witch in Nightbooks. Cinemas that show major films that have been delayed for a while will certainly be the first choice for film buffs, but for those who still don’t dare to go to the cinema and prefer alternative entertainment to watch new films at home, here we have selected some brief synopsis from the title of the film released this week which is a pity to pass up and deserves to be an alternative for your viewing choice.


Alex, a boy who likes to write scary stories, is kidnapped by a witch named Natacha. In order not to be killed by the witch, Alex tells a horror story every night. Until one day, Alex met the wizard’s servant, a daughter of a fellow kidnap victim, named Yazmin. The two of them agree to work together to escape from Natacha’s magical apartment which has various dangers before the witch destroys them. Adapted from the novel of the same name by JA White, this Sunday release is directed by David Yaronevsky and stars Krysten Ritter as the witch Natacha. Watch this film on Netflix.

Prisoners of the Ghostland

Set in the dangerous frontier town of Samurai Town, a bank robber (Nicolas Cage) is released from prison by the wealthy warlord The Governor (Bill Moseley), whose adopted granddaughter (Sofia Boutella) has gone missing. He then offers freedom to the bank robber if he is able to save his adopted grandson. The robber agreed to the offer. Armed with a costume that will be destroyed on the third day, the robber finally begins his mission. This Sunday’s release is Sion Sono’s debut directing English-language films.


This week’s release is the Director’s Cut version of the horror drama Tarian Lengger Maut, directed by Anggy Umbara and starring Refal Hady and Della Dartyan. dr. Jati (Refal Hady), who has just served in Pagar Alas Village, turns out to be a cold-blooded killer who is obsessed with the human heart. dr. Jati accidentally meets Sukma (Della Dartyan), a Lengger dancer. Sukma’s dance made dr. Teak beats fast. At the same time, the situation in the village was tense because many residents were missing. They believe that the only thing that can stop the disaster is the Lengger Dance ritual. As a prospective Lengger dancer, Sukma undergoes a ritual to get the Indang gift which is believed to be able to protect the Lengger dancer. This film can be seen in Online Cinema.

My Son

Starring James McAvoy and Claire Foy, this thriller drama follows the arrival of a man after he gets a phone call from his ex-wife who informs her of the disappearance of their child from a training camp. Later, it became clear that the child had been the victim of a kidnapping, and the couple were desperately trying to get their son back. This week’s release, directed by Christian Carion, is a remake of the 2017 French film of the same name.


A decade after the last Cabrini tower was torn down, Anthony (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and his partner moved into an attic in the now-gentrified Cabrini. Starting when Anthony met a longtime resident of the Cabrini area, he learned about the urban legend Candyman who had terrorized the neighborhood more than a decade ago. Anthony, who at that time was trying to maintain his fame as a painter, actually used the story as inspiration. As a result, because of their actions, they had to face dire consequences that they never imagined. This week’s film is an attempt to refresh the old horror franchise of the same name.

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