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This Nussa film invites admiration

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Getting a breath of fresh air by allowing children under the age of 12 to watch in cinemas, now on Monday, November 1, 2021, the film NUSSA has succeeded in bringing more than 250,000 viewers back to the cinema. In addition, the film, which was produced by Visinema and The Little Giantz, also successfully received an image trophy nomination for Best Animated Feature Film and 3 AMI Awards nominations for its soundtrack.

Welcoming this good news, the producer of the NUSSA film, Anggia Kharima said that he was grateful to see that the film he had worked on with the production team for almost 3 years was received and received a positive response from the public.

I am grateful and say thank you very much for the appreciation and positive response given by the Indonesian family. This achievement is not an easy thing to achieve, considering the long process of making the NUSSA film for 3 years with various challenges during the pandemicsaid Angie.

Get Community Support
It has many meanings and positive messages, making NUSSA films very suitable to be watched with family. Supporting this, several Indonesian communities and foundations also held joint viewing activities in cinemas.

Starting from the Our Family Community, the Muslimah Saliha Indonesia Foundation, to the Sunda Kelapa Islamic Youth Foster Brothers.

Impressed by the film NUSSA, the actress and founder of the Muslimah Saliha Indonesia Foundation, Risty Tagor said that, “The NUSSA film is very good, has a lot of knowledge, suitable for children and families,” said Risty.

Agree with Risty Tagor, our Family Community friends are united in saying that the film
NUSSA, “Good, very touching, and relates to the family.”

Not only from the community, enthusiasm and positive messages also came from NUSSA friends on social media. Like the account @yferdinansyah who tells his experience being away from family,
“As a father who was once far away from his family, well, I wanted to cry when Nussa was cranky.”

There is also a comment from @alietseviyanti about her experience watching with her family.
“Yesterday we watched as a family, the children were very entertained, some ‘jleb moments’ were also made for us as parents.”

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