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This Korean Drama Realizes We’re Dating For A Long Time Isn’t necessarily a Match

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Korean dramas certainly have some stories that are so close to our daily lives. One of them is in terms of love. Just as we are often disappointed with the fact that long courtships don’t end well, Korean dramas also have a similar story.

Makes us feel sad with this bitter reality, here is a series of Korean dramas that realize that we are dating for a long time, not necessarily a mate!

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1. Dating from college, does not guarantee that Park Min Young and Yoon Park understand each other deeply in Forecasting Love and Weather–OvWV3HFw

2. The love we have for years is also not the reason we are destined to be together like Seo Kang Joon in The Third Charm

3. It happens very often, relationships that have been going on for a long time are the most vulnerable with third people like in Sweet Stranger and Me

4. Suspicious Partner is also a Korean drama that shows an old relationship that is cracked along with a volatile heart

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5. Until he got married, Song Joong Ki in The Innocent Man represented broken hearts who could only take care of people’s soul mates

6. Sometimes we realize that we are not matched in the most heartbreaking way like Rain in My Lovely Girl

7. If someone who is able to take care of the heart is better, then old relationships can also run aground like Park Seo Joon and Kwon Na Ra in Itaewon Class

8. Seo Hyun Jin in Another Miss Oh makes us sad to see him dumped by his most trusted girlfriend before the wedding day

9. Chun Woo Hee also showed a 7-year love story that ran aground due to an affair in Be Melodramatic

Sometimes we also have to understand that the length of the relationship does not guarantee us a match with a partner. So, be careful to take care of someone’s mate!

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