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This is the reason why Encanto took place in Colombia

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Good news is starting to be heard in all corners of Indonesia, when the COVID pandemic begins to be overcome and Encanto is one of the films that is rumored to be showing in theaters in November 2021.

In this film, Encanto takes place in Colombia. The following are the reasons why this location was chosen by Jared Bush and team

This Encanto film covers diversity, culture, people and, of course, music.

According to Jared Bush, ” Location, completely story driven. At first we knew that we wanted to tell a story about a big family with the theme of perception and perspective. As for Latin America, it is a combination of people with indigenous backgrounds, accompanied by the heritage of the African and European continents. Colombia can be considered a crossroads of Latin-American culture and this is to our liking , which is reflected in the Madrigal family.”

The selection of this location is not without going through first research. Around 2018 Jared Bush and the team and of course the unforgettable musical Tom MacDougall, have taken the time to travel to Colombia to explore and enjoy the environment there, especially in Cartagena, Bogota, Barichara and San Basilio.

They found a lot of magical atmosphere that was new this time when compared to other locations, and this provided a lot of inspiration for Encanto. They found in the community residing in Colombia, passion, vitality and sincerity .

When the research was conducted, the team was trying to find experts who understand Colombian culture, and this includes the sectors of anthropology, costume design, botany, language and architecture.

It’s the little things that concern them, from the little things like the correct way to roast corn, to the bigger things.

In this regard, cinemags who have the opportunity to gain insight into the process of making this film, can’t help but feel amazed at the layer by layer the animation team creates, to produce images that are real and lively representing a culture.

Regarding the house that the Madrigal family lives in, this is also based on the reality in Colombia , which is a house that can be lived in by many families. Even this is considered practical, with family members being able to support each other.

The process of making this animation is indeed through a series of detailed discussions with experts, who meet each other every week, and study all references about everything from big ideas to simple things like gestures, like how one character might move his hand.

So can't wait to see Encanto on cinema screens in Indonesia.

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