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This is the news of Nia Dinata’s film: A World Without

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The latest Indonesian film, A World Without, will premiere globally on October 14. Directed by Nia Dinata (Arisan!, Sharing Husband) in collaboration with writer Lucky Kuswandi (Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens, Good Morning, Malam), this film presents mystery and suspense through the story of three teenage girls who choose an unconventional life as part of their life. The Light, an organization that promises to make the dream life of its members come true. But is it true that there is always darkness behind the light?

Talented young star Amanda Rawles – who stole attention through her character in Dear Nathan – will play Salina, a soft-hearted but ambitious woman who dreams of becoming a filmmaker.

In addition, A World Without will also feature Maizura (Free, Tarung Sarong) as Ulfah who dreams of being a good wife and mother, as well as Abigail’s romance (Woman of the Land of Hell) as the stubborn rebel Tara.

The three actresses will put on a great performance as three female friends who will soon realize the importance of finding their own strengths and voices.

Meanwhile, Chicco Jericho (Coffee Philosophy, A Copy of My Mind) and Ayushita (Kartini, What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love) will star as The Light’s great couple, Ali and Sofia Khan. The two actors and actresses will be showing never-before-seen sides as they transform into a charismatic but enigmatic husband and wife couple in A World Without. Also joining the ranks full of stars in this film are Jerome Kurnia (Bumi Manusia), Richard Kyle (This is the Story of Tiga Dara), Dira Sugandi (Good Morning, Evening), and many more.

Director Nia Dinata said, “Behind its mystery and suspense, A World Without is a story about young women finding strength within themselves. We have a female perspective that is put into practice in this film through the involvement of many female crews, from cinematographers and producers to fashion stylists and artistic stylists. Therefore, the strong message of female empowerment in this film is not only felt in the story, but also behind the scenes. By partnering with Netflix, we hope that the universal message at A World Without can also reach and be understood by people from all over the world.”

Here’s the teaser trailer for A World Without which shows Amanda Rawles, Maizura, and Asmara Abigail happily walking towards Chicco Jerikho and Ayushita – both of whom look like they’re hiding a dangerous secret behind their sweet smiles. A World Without will premiere in 190 countries on October 14th, only on Netflix

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