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This is the Losmen Bu Broto Movie – Official Poster & Teaser Release

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For those of you who like Indonesian films. Surely you will know the title of the Losmen series with the central character, Mrs. Broto.

Well, this time the big screen version of Losmen Bu Broto will be available through collaboration Ideosource Entertainment and Paragon Pictures

At the date of 23 September 2021 yesterday, officially launched the Official Poster and Teaser for our film Losmen Bu Broto, which will air from November 18, 2021 in Indonesian cinema.

The following is the official poster for the film Losmen Bu Broto

The film Losmen Bu Broto tells the story of Pak Broto and Bu Broto’s daily life managing a family inn with the help of their three children.

This is the family of Mr. Broto

Mathias Muchus as Mr Broto, Maudy Koesnaedi as Mrs. Broto, Princess Marino as Mbak Pur/first child, Maudy Ayunda as Jeng Sri/second son, and Baskara Mahendra as Tarjo/third child.

First, let’s see the trailer first

Losmen Bu Broto was also supported by the appearance of Danilla Riyadi as Kirana, Jeng Sri’s best friend and loyal guest of Losmen, Marthino Lio as Jarot, a freelance artist, and Erick Estrada as Atmo, the Inn’s administrator.

This film, will be one of the first big-budget Indonesian films to be shown in Indonesian cinemas during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Andi Boediman, as CEO and Executive Producer of Ideosource Entertainment, admitted that he is very enthusiastic about the film Losmen Bu Broto which will be shown in theaters.

“With everything in place, we hope everything goes smoothly. I believe,
Many have been curious about the film Losmen Bu Broto. I hope all can
done well,” he said.

Robert Ronny as producer of Paragon Pictures. ”

Directors Ifa Isfansyah and Eddie Cahyono also admitted that they really hope this film can be the opening film after cinemas reopen.

It was noted that was finally interested in being involved in this film because of seeing IP Inn which puts forward Indonesian cultural and family values.


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