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This is the Change of 4 Characters Assalamualaikum Candidates for Imam 2

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The drama Viu Original Assalamualaikum Calon Imam scored a success when it was released in 2019. Four National Winners awards from the Asian Academy Creative Awards were also successfully achieved by this phenomenal drama. Based on a work on Wattpad that has been read by millions of people, Assalamualaikum Prospective Imams will return with season 2 which can be enjoyed in the month of Ramadan this year.

On Assalamualaikum Prospective Imam 1, the love story of Nafisya Kaila Akbar (Sun De Marelle) and Alif Syabani Alexis (Miller Khan) managed to wash away the feelings of the audience. The couple’s journey from the first meeting to the marriage stage and through the threatening tempest was presented beautifully by director Indra Gunawan and his team.

Assalamualaikum Prospective Imam 2 which will be released on April 1, 2022, takes the background of Fisya and Alif’s two very happy years of marriage. Dr. Career Alif shot and succeeded in managing a well-known health clinic. But at this moment, their child is known to have the same disease as his mother and has taken the life of his grandfather. Other conflicts also constantly challenge their happiness.

This is a story about two souls who love each other struggling through a storm. Curious? Here are four old and new characters that will be present in Season 2

1. Fisya, independent woman

“In season 1, Nafisya really seemed to force the people closest to her to follow her wishes. Now in Season 2, Nafisnya appears more mature, wears a hijab and really tries to be a good and obedient wife. And he will face a life drama that is no less complex than the first season,” said Mentari when met on the set.

Fisya’s character was originally described as an independent, tough, and high-spirited figure. He is friends with his neighbor, Jidan (Baskara Mahendra), who went to the same university as him. Fisya secretly put her heart to her best friend.

However, his love was one-sided, because Jidan fell in love with Fisya’s older sister, Salsya (Kezia Aletheia). Fisya is heartbroken after seeing her brother and best friend get married. When his heart is broken, he meets Alif, who makes the two close and fall in love with each other.

The figure of Fisya was presented beautifully by Mentari, who is already known as a film player and FTV star. How will Fisya get through the various conflicts in her household?

2. Dr. Cool Alif

“This time, Assalamualaikum, the Imam Candidate will present a household polemic that is very likely to be faced by many couples. And the presence of new characters, such as Roy Sungkono, Rizky Alatas, Indah Kusuma, Marthino Lio gave great energy to make this drama very popular with the audience,” said Miller Khan on set.

Unlike the early season, Dr. Alif will now be increasingly busy with a higher workload, as well as a great love for his family. He seemed to want to do anything to protect his family. Is he capable?

In the first season, Alif met Fisya for the first time, when Fisya was helping a child who had an accident on the road. They took the child to the hospital for treatment.

Since then, fate has constantly brought them together. Alif, who has a calm and cold demeanor, begins to fall in love with this stubborn girl, until they fall in love.

The cold Alif character is well played by Miller Khan. The appearance of the actor who won Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the Asian Academy Creative Awards for Viu Original The Bridge 2 is certainly eagerly awaited by his fans.

3. The ambitious dr Chandra

“Assalamualaikum, this candidate for Imam is very fitting to be watched by prospective priests and their partners. Because this drama will show extraordinary household tests that all couples may face,” said Rizky Alatas, who plays dr. Chandra, when met on the TikTok program, Viu Chit Chat.

Dr. Chandra is a new character who appears in the second season. He is a co-worker of Dr. Alif, who is younger. Although he seemed unfriendly, he greatly admired Dr. Alif. relationship dr. Chandra and Salsya, Nafisya’s sister, will color this drama with a surprising style of approach. Did he manage to lure Salsya?

4. Salsya with new powers

“In this second season, Salsya seems to show her character which is more emotional and sensitive because she is reminded of so many dark events that she has gone through. This is very different from the first season, where Salsya seems weak, everything is kept to herself and is very fragile. Watch the first season first, it will be more exciting to wait for the second season,” said Kezia Aletheia, when met at the shooting location.

In the first season, the patient and religious figure of Salsya makes Jidan (Baskara Mahendra) fall in love with her. However, after being proposed to by Jidan, Salsya just found out that her sister also loves Jidan. Even though she finally married Jidan, Salsya was not happy because she also realized that Jidan liked her sister. Salsya tries to love Jidan, but still doesn’t feel happy.

In the second season, the audience will be faced with the unlucky fate of Salsya. Salsya decides to live alone. This new chapter of life also shows Salsya’s struggle to rise and escape from the shadows of the past. Did it work?

Wait for Viu Original Assalamualakum Candidate Imam Season 2 on Viu starting April 1, 2022.

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