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This is how Lee Yoo Mi feels who gets spicy comments from netizens for her role in “All of Us Are Dead” | inikpop

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In a recent interview with Hankook Ilbo, Lee Yoo Mi talked about her two hit series “Squid Game” and “All of Us Are Dead.”

Having previously received a lot of attention thanks to her appearance in the “Squid Game” series, Lee Yoo Mi is now increasingly recognized for her appearance in the well-known series “All of Us Are Dead.”

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When asked about her soaring popularity, Yoo Mi commented, “Many people around me have congratulated me. My parents are also very happy. I spend my days happily.”

He also spoke lovingly about his experiences filming “All of Us Are Dead,” sharing, “I get to meet friends of the same age. The thing that changed for me after filming ‘All of Us Are Dead’ is that I’ve got great people [dalam hidup saya].”


As is known, Yoo Mi’s role in “Squid Game” is a figure that is liked by many viewers. That’s because he can become a close friend of Saebyok even if only for a short time. However, in the series “All of Us Are Dead,” it is precisely the role of Yoo Mi that is hated by many people.

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Regarding the above, the girl who was born on July 18, 1994 commented, “To be honest, I thought to myself while acting that [Nayeon] and I’m very different,” he said. However, he went on to add, “I had fun thinking of different ideas [untuk karakter] while filming.”

Lee Yoo Mi also revealed that because she made a mistake during her audition for “All of Us Are Dead,” she didn’t expect to get the role. “I thought I didn’t do a good job during my audition,” he explained. “So I asked the director why I got the role, and he told me he had looked at my past work and said, ‘I trust you.’ I thought I had to repay that trust, so I worked even harder during filming.”

Bad comments

Because of her role that many people don’t like, it’s no wonder that there are some bad comments about Nayeon’s figure in the AoUAD series. To that, Yoo Mi replied, “I’m the type of person who, if I’m curious, will read everything [tanggapan] in one sitting,” said Lee Yoo Mi. “I’m not hurt [dengan melihat komentar kebencian]. I even feel happy when I’m hated. Because I think [mendapat kebencian] means I did a good job with acting and portraying emotions [karakter saya].”

“It might sound evil that I feel happy,” he continued, “but there is a certain joy in how it makes me feel, like I can look back on my own acting and find peace.”

photo via soompi

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