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This is a selection of types of music to study

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Are you one of those people who like to listen to music while studying? If so, you need to know the various types of music that are right for learning. The reason is, not all types of music are suitable to be listened to while studying, you know.

Music can bring various benefits for those who listen to it, ranging from improving mood, increasing motivation, to overcoming fatigue and stress. In addition, listening to music while studying can also help improve brain work, concentration, and alertness.

But apparently, the benefits of listening to music while studying can also be lost if you choose the wrong type of music. Listening to the wrong type of music while studying actually risks causing you to be distracted, lower your memory, and reduce your ability to understand the material.

Choice of Types of Music to Study

Now, so that the benefits of listening to music for learning can be felt to the maximum, you need to choose the right type of music, yes. Following are some of them:

1. Classical music

When studying, classical music is one of the most suitable types of music for you to listen to. This is because classical music has a soft tone and melody, so it won’t disturb your concentration while studying.

Apart from not disturbing concentration, one study also stated that listening to classical music while studying can actually improve memory. In this study, people who read while listening to classical music were better able to remember what they were reading than those who didn’t.

2. Instrumental music

Although the tones and melodies are not as soft as classical music, you can also make instrumental music an option to listen to while studying. The reason is, in instrumental music there are no song lyrics that can distract you from the reading or material you are studying.

However, pay attention to the tempo of the instrumental music you listen to, yes. Instead of listening to instrumental music with a fast tempo, you should choose instrumental music with a slow tempo, so that your concentration while studying can be maintained.

3. Nature sound recording

If classical music and instrumental music don’t feel right for you to listen to while studying, you can also try listening to recordings of soft nature sounds.

It is believed that nature sound recordings can make you more relaxed, so learning can be more enjoyable. Now, Some of the sounds of nature that you can try to listen to while studying are the sound of raindrops, waves, waterfalls, streams, rustling leaves, or birds chirping.

4. White noise

white noise is a sound whose frequency sounds consistent, stable, and evenly distributed, so it can drown out the surrounding noise. A study states, listening white noise while studying can help maintain focus and improve memory.

You can listen white noise easily from objects around you, such as the sound of a fan turning, buzzing air conditioner (AC), or radio static. However, apart from that, you can also easily listen white noise from various platform music on line.

Other Things to Pay Attention to

In addition to the type of music, there are also several other things that you need to pay attention to so that you can stay focused and concentrate while studying while listening to music. Following are some of them:

  • Play music at a low volume.
  • Listen to music or songs you don’t really like, but don’t hate either.
  • Avoid listening to music or songs whose rhythm is unpredictable or changes frequently.
  • use platform music player on line which is ad-free, which helps you reduce distractions.

Now, from now on, you can try listening to some of the types of music above, so you can focus and concentrate while studying. However, if you have problems or difficulty focusing on the things you are working on, don’t be shy about consulting a psychologist about this, OK?

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