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This is a question that often arises at KIFF 2021.

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Carrying the theme ‘Adapting and Moving Forward Together’, apart from going to theaters, films at KIFF 2021 will also be broadcast online according to current conditions.

The following are frequently asked questions during KIFF, and they are summarized below:

Q: How do I get tickets to watch?

A: There are paid and free tickets. For free tickets, you can come directly to the location of the respective CGV cinema that plays, later the staff will help or you can just queue in the line that has been prepared. It’s better to come early, because tickets are very limited, and only available about 30 minutes before the show time.

Q: How is the curation of the selection of films to be screened?

A : Most of the curation is done from home because cinemas are affected by the pandemic, and this year they prefer an entertaining theme, so that the positive vibes can be felt by the audience in Indonesia. Then the reasons for choosing Indonesian films that were shown were only two, because the films that were available at that time and suited the purpose of this year were these two films Mecca I’m Coming ( October 28th) and love 2 (October 29th)

Q: Last year and 2021, we both experienced a pandemic. So what’s the difference in KIFF 2021?

A: This year’s event is expected to inspire the audience. The difference is, last year the event was only held in Bandung and online. Currently, Jakarta can be involved.

Q: When can tickets be purchased?

A : The plan is 3 days before the broadcast date can be purchased.

Q: Can you explain what is stated in the agenda for this event regarding food testing and cooking events?

A: Cook Yuk is reality show The original from CGV Kreasi, a collaboration between KCCI and CJ Indonesia, will be screened in theaters later.

Interestingly, in the CGV GI lobby, there will be K-food testing. This event will take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the period during KIFF 2021.

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Q: This time the partnership is with the Vidio platform, why?

A: As a medium so that viewers have the choice to also watch online and can reach more. Vidio is also one of the right platforms for Korea, Vidio has succeeded in succeeding in many sporting events and has also partnered with tvN Movies which provides a lot of Korean content.

The cool thing is that there are Korean films that are hard to find, but they appear on Vidio.

Q: Why is this year’s KIFF only held in Jakarta and Bandung?

A : This is all based on monitoring that started about 7 months ago, vaccinations that have taken place in Jakarta and Bandung have started and until now Jakarta has reached approximately 70%. So of course herd immunity its better than other cities.

In addition to the ability to vaccinate in Bandung, it turns out that if you look at the conditions around urban areas, if you look closely, Bandung is the safest.

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