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These K-Pop Lyrics Mean Strange, There Are TWICE Songs to NCT Dream | LINE TODAY

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Source: Instagram/twicetagram
Source: Instagram/twicetagram

Most K-Pop fans enjoy K-Pop songs in terms of melody, choreography to challenge which is popular on social media.

But, did you know that there are some K-Pop songs that if the lyrics are spoken without context, they can have strange meanings?

What K-Pop song lyrics mean unique? Come on, let’s talk!

K-Pop Songs with Unique Meaningful Lyrics


Source: JYP Entertainment
Source: JYP Entertainment

TWICE’s debut song turns out to contain lyrics that are quite strange when translated into Indonesian, especially in the chorus which people usually sing.

What do you think it means?


otokhe naega umjigil su eopke

make me immobile

ooh ahh ooh ahh

nal ooh ahh ooh ahh hage mandeureojwo

make me like “ooh ahh”


gaca gaca jinsim eomneun gaca

fake fake, insincere fake

huh (ooh-ahh하게)

jal ga jal ga huh (ooh-ahh hage)

go go bye! (like ooh ahh)

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2. After School – Shampoo

Source: Pledis Entertainment
Source: Pledis Entertainment

The initial lyrics of this After School song have made listeners confused. The reason is, this song begins with the sentence:

샴푸가 되고 싶어

shamphuga dwego shipheo

I want to be shampoo

그대의 머리카락 에 나 흘러 내리며

eudae-e meorikharage na heulleonaerimyeo

that flows down your hair

What do you think it smells like when After School members release shampoo products?

3. NCT Dream – Hot Sauce

This comeback will be NCT Dream’s first full album after 5 years of debut. (Photo: doc. SM Entertainment)

The song that was sung by Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, Haechan, Chenle and Jisung turned out to have quite unique lyrics. As the title suggests, the chorus of this song talks about “Hot Sauce”. Like what?

Hot sauce dip that eh

hot sauce giphi dip that eh

The spicy dipping sauce is deep, eh

twist that eh

nal tara neon twist that eh

follow me you turn it eh

Hot sauce ooh

hot sauce thaoreul ttae ooh

when the hot sauce burns oh

ma dish

ip-matdaero golla ma dish

choose my food according to your taste

Once you know the meaning, this line of K-Pop song lyrics sounds funny, right!

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