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These are Tips for Protecting the Environment A la Sociolla

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In recent years, the application of the beauty principle that sustainable increasingly applied in everyday life. For this reason, Sociolla again invites millions of users to be actively involved in the movement’s initiatives Waste Down Beauty Up (WDBU).

In line with the Waste Down Beauty Up movement as well as contributing to encourage the creation of a better environment, Sociolla also has a number of simple tips that you can apply at home. What’s the way? Come on, scrolling!

These are Tips for Protecting the Environment A la

Time to be a smart shopper

With more time at home, you will benefit more from the service on line to meet daily needs, including beauty products. Sociolla suggests trying to spend more time exploring product reviews or reviews before deciding on a purchase. So that the product you buy is in accordance with the condition of your skin.

These are Tips for Protecting the Environment A la

Stop FOMO, buy products as needed

Special moments like Valentine’s are not a reason to encourage behavior mindless consumerism. Cultivate to be smart shopper who buy products as needed. You can give special gifts for loved ones at this Valentine’s moment, e-gift card from Sociolla so that the products purchased are in accordance with the needs.

Especially on Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2022, Sociolla also provides discounts of up to 50% and a Pink Valentine Monday voucher to get a 10% discount
with a discount of up to IDR 50,000 when you make a purchase of IDR 350,000. Another advantage is that during the period from 14 to 16 February 2022, Sociolla also provides an unconditional free shipping promo either through the website or application.

These are Tips for Protecting the Environment A la

Separate beauty product waste

Start adopting the habit of separating beauty product waste from other types of waste at home. By having the habit of separating beauty product waste, we can directly know the amount of waste generated in a certain period. Thus, this can encourage self-awareness to be wiser in shopping for beauty products in the future.

Well, even though it looks easy, it still requires a commitment so that these three easy steps become routine and good habits for beauty lovers. However, a big change always starts from small and simple things.

To find out more about the Sociolla Waste Down Beauty Up campaign, you can visit the Yuk website, together, this simple step will create a big impact if done by more beauty lovers!

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