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These are the winners of the “Dunia Games When Indonesia Plays” Championship

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The Dunia Games Indonesia Playing Time Tournament (DGWIB) Championship organized by Telkomsel through Dunia Games has reached its peak. The tournament, which was held from December 10, 2021 to February 13, 2022, has crowned six teams as champions from each category they competed in.

The six esports teams that won the championship include RRQ Kazu (Free Fire), Saints Spartan Harvy (Free Fire Ladies), Alter Ego X (MLBB), MBR Delphyne (MLBB Ladies), RRQ Ryu (PUBG Mobile), and Alter Ego Dione. (PUBG Mobile Ladies).

“Telkomsel through Dunia Games congratulates the teams that have won the DGWIB Championship. Hopefully, organizing one of the biggest gaming tournaments in Indonesia can be a means for all participants to hone their skills,” said VP Digital Lifestyle Telkomsel Nirwan Lesmana.

DGWIB Championship is an e-sports tournament organized by Dunia Games for all gamers, both amateur and professional. Throughout its implementation, this tournament managed to become a magnet for 11,866 amateur participants/teams and 46 professional teams spread from all over Indonesia.

The DGWIB Championship itself is held online and is divided into two categories, namely the men’s team and the ladies battle (women). Registration is open from December 3, 2021 to January 23, 2022, which will continue to the qualifying round on December 23, 2021 until January 2022.

Then, the best teams from each qualifier will enter the group stage in January 2022 along with the previously invited professional teams. Until finally, the 16 best teams were selected from the PUBG Mobile game tournament, the 12 best teams for the Free Fire game, and the 2 best teams for the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game.

They all fought in the grand final for the “First Place Title” in their respective game categories. Besides being a magnet for gamers, this tournament is also able to attract the interest of fans and e-sports activists throughout Indonesia.

This can be seen from the large number of viewers who totaled 14 million views and 2.2 million hours of watch time, as well as 56 million impressions during the live broadcast of the DGWIB Championship match on the Dunia platform, MAXstream, Booyah, and the Dunia Games YouTube channel.

“The holding of the DGWIB Championship is a tangible manifestation of Telkomsel’s commitment through Dunia Games in supporting the e-sports scene in the country. Telkomsel through Dunia Games is consistently committed to supporting the national games industry,” concluded Nirwan.

Currently, Dunia Games itself has become the number one game platform and esports media portal in Indonesia. With more than 18 million monthly visitors, Dunia Games presents the latest information about games and interesting things around them.

In addition, Dunia Games also serves the purchase of coupons or vouchers for PC and mobile games through the direct carrier billing service. In its development, Dunia Games has also expanded its business portfolio to become a game publisher, such as Shellfire, Lord of Estera, Rise of Nowlin, and Kolak Express 3.

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