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These are 5 Tips to Become a Professional Fighting Game Player who Always Wins

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fighting games is a game that is designed very simply. There’s no riddle in it, nothing anyway equipment what you need to learn. You just have to defeat your enemy by draining his blood.

It’s just that doing it is not as easy as you think. Do you think that’s enough? mashing buttons Or push the kick and hit buttons carelessly and quickly to win the fight? Try implementing that in Street Fighter and see how far you can go in a tournament.

Be good inside fighting games means understanding gameplay of the game itself. Starting from understanding the terms to having to understand the movements. If you really intend to become good at fighting gamesyou can follow some of the following tips.

1. Focus on one game and one character

When you are still a beginner, you better start by mastering one game and one character. Mastery begins with understanding the typical movements of the character you are playing. Starting from special blows, character speed to attack distance or hard boxthe distance you get hit, as well as hitboxyour own attack distance.

By mastering the basics, you will actually be good at it. Following the game character tutorials will be of great help to you. Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 is one example of a game that provides good character tutorials.

2. Understand the control buttons

These are 5 Tips to Become a Professional Fighting Game Player who Always

In the fighting games, there are useful key combinations. An example is focus attack which became a special system in Street Fighter IV. By pressing and holding the button medium punch and kickyou can launch a blow that destroys the defense, making it stun momentarily even providing protection for one hit. Things like this you must know and understand how to use because these things can save you.

3. Play as often as possible

These are 5 Tips to Become a Professional Fighting Game Player who Always

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There’s nothing easier for your body to remember keys than by repetition. Play and fight as often as possible with the character you choose.

You will get used to the character and more or less will definitely hone your instincts fighting-your. Not only that, you also get experience getting to know other characters. Their special moves, the characteristics of their game, their strengths and weaknesses. You will find everything here.

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4. Don’t just fight NPCs, fight people!

These are 5 Tips to Become a Professional Fighting Game Player who Always

Many of the fans fighting games house ends at home continuously by playing against NPCs. Repetition is good, but you need to know that NPCs are different from human opponents. They are more unpredictable and often provide terrible surprises.

Maybe in the first round your human opponent is easy to beat, but in the second round he suddenly becomes a master. Not to mention that even though they use the same opposing character, they have a different way of playing. Fighting other people means getting used to knowing and guessing situations.

5. Be smart!

These are 5 Tips to Become a Professional Fighting Game Player who Always

This is the final step of becoming a professional in the gaming world fighting. Don’t be because of this fighting games meaning all you need is to use your hand muscles. In the fighting games there are many mind games which makes you have to guess what the next step you should do.

If you watch the games of professional gamers, you will see how they try to lure their opponents into carrying out special attacks that are easily punishable. Just one misstep once, it can be a reversal moment and for that you have to be smart. You should know, not everyone can master this.

At the very least, those are the five basic things you should understand. If you can do all five, it is guaranteed that you will win at least one tournament.

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