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These 8 Extreme Tours You Must Try

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Tourist attractions are state assets that help push the wheels of the country’s economy. Not surprisingly, every country is competing to introduce its tourist attractions so that tourists visit them. In order to attract the attention of tourists, there needs to be something unique and different from the others. One of the innovations is extreme tourism which attracts the attention of tourists. Here are 8 extreme tours that you must try, so that your vacation is anti-mainstream:

1. Timang Beach, Yogyakarta

This extreme tourism is very famous in the world. This cable car even appeared on the show variety shows from South Korea. Proudly, the location of this cable car is in Indonesia, precisely at Timang Beach, Yogyakarta.

Through this very simple cable car, you can cross the ocean to a small island. In the extreme, you will feel the huge waves crashing when you ride this cable car. Your adrenaline will be pumped!

2. Crocosaurus Cove, Australia

Crocodiles are wild animals that can kill humans. Interestingly, you can swim with these wild animals in Australia. Only a glass tube separates you from the crocodile. Even though it’s extreme, its safety is guaranteed.

3. CN Tower Edge Walking, Canada

If you have a phobia of heights, don’t try to come here. Because, you are not only standing at a height, but you will also be hanging on the edge of the CN Tower Edge Walking which is 553 meters high. Besides hanging from a height, the CN tower is also famous for its Restaurant 360, which can rotate. One round lasts 72 minutes.

4. Grand Canyon Skywalk

Still related to the height, this time you will pass a glass bridge over a 1,600 meter deep ravine. Regarding security, you don’t need to worry. Although the structure is only glass, this bridge is able to withstand the equivalent of 72 Boeing 747 aircraft with full passengers.

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5. Aquaventure Water Park, Bahamas

If you visit this waterpark located in the Bahamas, you must try the Mayan Temple’s Serpent Slide. When you ride this slide, you will enter a 50-meter dark lagoon full of sharks, before finally falling into the pool.

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6. Cliff Base Jumping, Norway

In this tourist spot, you will jump from a height of 604 meters above sea level. The location itself is on the Preikestolen Cliffs in Lysefjorden, Norway. Besides testing your adrenaline, this place is suitable for those of you who like photography because there are many beautiful spots for you to capture.

7. Schlitterbahn Waterpark, Kansas City

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Still with the waterpark, this time you will slide on the fastest and highest slides in the world. The speed when you slide reaches 70 mph. The height and speed is definitely an adrenaline rush, just imagine it feels like riding a rollercoaster.

8. Bungee Volcano, Chile

Bungee Jumping here is different than usual, for example like the one in Bali. In this place you will bungee jumping from a helicopter to an open volcanic crater. The sensation of plunging and seeing the red and hot fiery lava is sure to trigger your adrenaline.

How extreme are the tourist spots above? Which one do you dare to try?

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