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These 7 Songs Prove TREASURE King of B-Side Track

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TREASURE is one of the boy group the auspices of YG Entertainment which must be familiar to the ears of KPopers. This group of 12 talented boys recently held a comeback Korea’s first in 2022. On February 15, TREASURE released the latest mini album titled “THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE” with title track entitled “Jikjin”.

In this latest mini album, it not only contains the main song, but also contains several songs b-side track which is no less cool and pleasant to hear from the main song “Jikjin”. One of them that is definitely familiar to Korean music lovers is a song called “DARARI”. This song is so famous and even lately often trending in various countries.

Not only that, in several other albums TREASURE also has many b-side track which is very easy listening and of course created by the members themselves, you know. Here are seven songs that prove TREASURE King of B-Side Track. Come on, take a peek!

1. ‘MMM’

‘MMM’ comes from the album “THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT” and is a depiction of the love sequence of a couple who are in love, from the beginning of falling in love, to passionate feelings that don’t want to be separated even for a second. This song is nuanced hiphops which is set to a count of approximately 80 BPM.


‘DARARI’ is from the mini album “THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE”. This song will make listeners want to fall in love and sing it over and over again when hearing its beautiful lyrics.

This song has a sweet melody and catchy with the warm vocal accents of the twelve TREASURE members. ‘DARARI’ written directly by the three rapper TREASURE, namely Bang Ye Dam, Yoshinori, and Hyunsuk. So delicious, this song has gone viral on the TikTok application and has received tremendous appreciation from listeners.

3. ‘IT’S OKAY’

This song is the perfect motivational and uplifting song when you’re going through a tough time. The lyrics are about motivation about anyone being able to do anything, never giving up, and everything is fine.

It sounds like the TREASURE members are personally singing for the fans to make them feel better. As for the second rapper Haruto and Yoshi personally share their ideas and stories of their struggles while reaching their dreams and want the Teumes to always be passionate and never give up in achieving their goals.


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‘Be With You’ is also included in TREASURE’s latest mini album “THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE” which is no less delicious than other TREASURE b-side tracks. Carrying the R&B genre, the song which lasts 3 minutes 24 seconds has lyrics that are easy to remember and sing, especially the chorus “Narang Itja”.

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5. ‘U’

The ‘U’ comes from “THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE”. Another delightful addition to TREASURE’s discography, ‘U’ tells the story of TREASURE who wants nothing more than you loyal TREASURE fans, and does whatever it takes to stay by the fans’ side. This song has a little jazzy and pop fusion which makes it pleasant to listen to.


‘ORANGE’ can be said to be a masterpiece of musical genius created by member TREASURE. This proves once again that TREASURE can appeal to any genre with its soulful R&B style of music.

Not only does the members’ soothing vocals melt fans, but the lyrics feel nostalgic and full of longing. ‘ORANGE’ is the perfect song to listen to when you’re feeling sentimental.


‘GOING CRAZY’ is from TREASURE’s debut album, “THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT”. This song is actually a song that can change you to immediately like and become a Teume within the first 30 seconds. This song has an addictive melody that will keep you memorized for days. This song will also make you crazy about the multitalented group TREASURE.

not only title tracka number of b-side track TREASURE like the seven songs above is no less cool and popular, you know. What’s your favorite song title?

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