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These 7 SEGA Games Need A Remake & Remaster Soon, According To Critics!

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All legends game…

Maybe for those born in the 80’s and 90’s, choosing Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Sega Megadrive game consoles is a difficult choice. Because both consoles have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Not to mention the existence of exclusive games for each console. Unfortunately, SEGA was unable to maintain its glory and ended up in the SEGA dreamcast era. Furthermore, they only play in game production and even then they can’t be as phenomenal as the works developer another.

If you talk about SEGA, honestly, what you remember is their old games from the megadrive era. Punisher, Street of Rage, Mortal Kombat, all of them are games that remind you of your childhood and are always played over and over again considering the system in those days. saving still not widely applied.

Of course it is not wrong if many ask toremake or me-remastered their classic works like Sonic Mania. Here is a list of games that should get that second chance!

1. Gunstar Heroes

Stylish game shooting em up, side scrolling it’s very fun to play. Players can combine two types of weapons to give maximum results and match.

It’s even more exciting because Gunstar Heroes can be considered a game that is able to provide fun chaos. Try playing two to get a feel for it. It’s just, please if you can version remakeThe Snake and Ladder stage was abolished because it took a long time.

2. Crazy taxi

These 7 SEGA Games Need A Remake & Remaster Soon, According To Critics!

Introduced on the Dreamcast console as well as arcade, Crazy Taxi became a phenomenal game in its era. Players become taxi drivers who have to find passengers to get the best score and have to drive through heavy traffic.

As a result, all paths can be taken. In fact, the more dangerous the way to deliver passengers, the more scores you get. This is one of the best stress relief games from SEGA.

3. Streets of Rage

These 7 SEGA Games Need A Remake & Remaster Soon, According To Critics!

In the 80-90s, games beat em up very popular in the world arcades. People flock to game center one of them is to play this stylish game. Streets of Rage is one of those games beat em up that’s what goes into the home console.

This game is one of the rivals of Final Fight, the game beat em up best ever made by Capcom. Almost SEGA Megadrive players at least have played it.

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4. Phantasy Star

These 7 SEGA Games Need A Remake & Remaster Soon, According To Critics!

Final Fantasy (FF) began to enter its heyday when it entered the NES console. Starting from FF IV to FF VI, everything is present on the console. As a rival at that time, Phantasy Star entered the SEGA Megadrive console.

This RPG game is able to seize a lot of gamers’ attention and time. The best version is when entering the Dreamcast where online play introduced.

5. Shinobi

These 7 SEGA Games Need A Remake & Remaster Soon, According To Critics!

Shinobi is one of SEGA’s subscription games. Many versions gameplay-created by taking the title of Shinobi. In the megadrive version, Shinobi takes the style side scrolling actionwhile the Dreamcast began to be developed into action RPG like Ninja Gaiden. Whatever the version, Shinobi is still worth playing because of the nostalgic elements of the players.

6. Jet Set Radio

These 7 SEGA Games Need A Remake & Remaster Soon, According To Critics!

Until now there has been no game that can replace the game concept of Jet Set Radio. With a game that combines sports trick, as well as missions that require hands-on skills, Jet Set Radio is a must play for Dreamcast console users. Not to mention added art styleits colorful and pleasing to the eye, Jet Set Radio is a must get version remaster-his.

7. Virtua Cop

These 7 SEGA Games Need A Remake & Remaster Soon, According To Critics! arronmunroe

The narrator’s words when running out of bullets: “Reload” almost always remember in our imagination. That’s because this game must have been played, or at least seen, when game center spread in the plazas.

Virtua Cop was actually introduced for the console edition on the Sega Saturn, but continued to be moved to the console until it entered the Nokia N-gage. Graphic changes and a bit of polish on gameplay This game will be enough to satisfy the thirst of gamers for nostalgia.

If all of these games got sequels, remake or at least remaster, then SEGA will definitely be busy again. I didn’t really expect much, but I was lucky because it was just announced that Streets of Rage 4.

Yes, after 25 years, finally the game beat em up made again, but with graphic changes that are more in line with this era. Just wait for the game. Which of the games above are you most looking forward to playing?remaster or atremake?

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