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These 7 Potential Skills Commonly Owned by KPop Lovers

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Even now Korean Wave currently in turmoil in Indonesia, there are still many Indonesian people who look down on the eyes of the people Kpopers or even have a negative stigma on them. Even famous for having a hobby of “nehalu”. Don’t you feel this way too? guys?

Even though there’s nothing wrong with being Kpopers, just a matter of taste. After all, by being Kpopers, you realize it or not, so have some skills this. Want to know anything skills potential that is usually owned by Kpopers? Continue reading, come on!

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1. Information analysis

information analysis illustration (

His name too Kpopers, If you know any information about bias, you can get it via the internet. Like it or not, they must be able to find information and analyze the truth of the information. Of course you don’t want to, do you, get wrong information about bias? Let’s admit it, hehe.

This information analysis skill is certainly needed to become a professional figure. A person will not look professional if they trust and spread information Hoax. Agree?

2. Language

These 7 Potential Skills Commonly Owned by KPop Loverslanguage learning illustrations ( Shuraev)

Usually Kpopers have good language skills. If you can’t speak Korean, at least you can speak English. Isn’t it true?

The problem is that if you don’t understand English at all, it will be difficult to get the latest information about bias. Then it won’t be fun, will it?

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3. Communication

These 7 Potential Skills Commonly Owned by KPop Loverscommunication illustration (

Generally, para Kpopers will join a fandom if they really like their idol artist. Then the fandom has projects to support their idol artists. Of course this all requires skills good communication between fans.

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4. Write

These 7 Potential Skills Commonly Owned by KPop Loversillustration of writing ( Stock Photos)

Communication between fans or even between fans and idols usually occurs via the internet, so it requires skills to express opinions in writing, aka have the potential to be proficient in writing. In addition, it is not uncommon for fans to pour into their “half” by writing a story on platforms write on the internet.

5. Social media

These 7 Potential Skills Commonly Owned by KPop Loversillustration of various social media ( Le Blanc)

The only way to connect with idols or fellow fans for Kpopers is through the internet. So, like it or not, they must be able to use social media.

Even though the context is different, now in the professional world, the ability to use social media is needed. So skills This has the potential to be developed in other directions as well as what many companies are looking for, namely one of them social media marketing skills.

6. Networking

These 7 Potential Skills Commonly Owned by KPop Loversillustration of the networking process ( Tag Mx)

Not infrequently, Kpopers get to know each other mutual-an with fans from various countries because they like the same bias. As a result, they are able to establish relationships with many people from other countries. It’s fun too, huh!

Networking skills This is also needed in the professional world. As long as, don’t just establish relationships in the internet world, okay! Of course we also need to establish relationships in the real world.

7. Creative and innovative

These 7 Potential Skills Commonly Owned by KPop Loverscreative process illustration (

Para’s creativity level Kpopers this is quite high. One of them is seen from projects a unique fandom when his favorite artist is having a birthday. Besides that, there are also many fans who like to make creative videos about their bias or make their own merchandise or works of art related to their idols.

That’s some skills potential to be developed in a better direction, which is generally owned by Kpopers. Do not insecure again, come on! Develop your potential 🙂

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