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These 7 Mobile Legends Heroes are Rarely Picked, Why?

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This MOBA game is increasingly releasing new heroes, the latest of which is Leomord the knight riding a fighter who can attack while moving when with his horse Babriel. Yup, Leomord’s presence makes heroes from mobile legends more diverse. But there are new heroes, of course, more and more heroes are marginalized, sometimes these heroes are eliminated due to not being included in META at this time. Not to mention Kimmy’s presence on October 23, which of course makes the hero competition map even more narrow. And here are seven heroes that are rarely usedpick for this season.

1. Chang’e

These 7 Mobile Legends Heroes are Rarely Picked, Why?

This loli Mage hero is rarely seen in rank, maybe the biggest reason is the difficulty of this one hero to become strong in the late game. Must not die, so this hero’s obligation is to get high magic power so that his skills become sick. But it’s also not easy because in addition to not dying, he also has to frequently spam skill 2, namely BIU BIU BIU to get a passive stack. His initial presence on the advance server was actually believed to be an op hero, but some changes when he entered the original server made this hero lose his power.

2. Aldous

These 7 Mobile Legends Heroes are Rarely Picked, Why?

Not much different from the Chang’e case. This hero is very OP when he is still on the advance server so he is nicknamed One Punch Man. Because with only skill 1, namely Contract: Soul Steal, he can kill his opponent. However, some changes to the skill when it was released on the original server made it difficult for players to use it and a lot of feeders were created, eventually fewer were available pick this hero. Although some changes were made again, it felt a little to make this hero normal.

3. Estes

These 7 Mobile Legends Heroes are Rarely Picked, Why?

It has been a long time since this hero has not been looked at in the game, especially when the Necklace of Durance is present. The presence of these items certainly kills Estes who incidentally has a dominating Healing skill. Although this hero is still very much an option when brawling, but not for Rank at all.

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4. Rafaela

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These 7 Mobile Legends Heroes are Rarely Picked, Why?

Similar to Estes, Rafaela is also dominant in healing skills, although not all of them and changes have been made to skills, such as skill 1, namely Light of Retribution, which has more damage and her ultimate skill, Holy Baptism, which comes out faster, but this support hero still loses prestige with other supports like Angela.

5. Hilda

These 7 Mobile Legends Heroes are Rarely Picked, Why?

Being a duet with Balmond as a Tank/Fighter which is very useful for war and push turrets, but as many new heroes appear with new metas, Hilda’s figure seems to have disappeared from bushes and doesn’t appear again. Other tanks such as the Gatotkaca and Minotaur which are currently being developedpick because the ultimate area and very messy during war is an option, therefore Tanks with single targets like Hilda are no longer needed.

6. Uranus

These 7 Mobile Legends Heroes are Rarely Picked, Why?

Maybe it’s almost like Hilda’s case, a tank with a single target at its ultimate is not an option, especially for the current meta. His presence in the advance server in the past was actually like Chang’e and Aldous. Very OP. I don’t know what changes were made, when on the original server, many said that this tank was very soft and died easily. Therefore Uranus is rarely seen.pick to date.

7. Belerick

These 7 Mobile Legends Heroes are Rarely Picked, Why?

Like other tanks that are not selling well, Belerick’s presence is actually through an event that allows you to get this hero for free. Maybe because it’s free, this hero seems to be less attractive. His skills are unique and rarely owned by other tank heroes. But maybe again the regen problem which can be said to have many counters, this hero seems to be rarely used.pick to use in Rank.

Those were the seven heroes that are currently rarely used.pick for Rank needs. Maybe it’s not time for these heroes to enjoy Rank mode, maybe in the next season or the next update these heroes will be glimpsed and watched.picksuch as Gatotkaca which is currently very popular even though in previous seasons it has not been sold.

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