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These 6 Video Game Soundtracks Will Hang In Your Head For All Time!

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It turns out that good music does not only come from famous singers and musicians, but also from games that you play. Believe me, surely in your head there are those songs that always ring, like the opening song of Ragnarok Online.

In some cases, soundtrack certain games can even give you goosebumps when listening to them. Hmmm, really what songs/music can make us in such a condition like that? Here are 6 of them!

1. Persona 4

Shoji Meguro is a genius. By combining jazz, game soundtrack in the old days, J-pop, rock and hip hop, he created songs that were very catchy. Persona 4 is proof of that. play gamesand you’ll know that around every corner, every time, there’s a different song and none of them are bad.

2. Final Fantasy IX

“Melodies of Life” becomes soundtrack gems from Final Fantasy IX. Made into dual-bilingual, namely English and Japanese, the lyrics are very deep to discuss the love affair in the story of Final Fantasy IX itself. But actually it’s not just the song that’s good. All of the songs that adorn this J-rpg game are all very pleasing to the ear. Starting from battle theme to songs for its cities.

3. Xenogears

For those who have played games In this case, the songs in Xenogears will always be remembered in the heart even to the point of making goosebumps. Why? It’s easy, because the songs are good to hear. Yasunori Mitsuda is the mastermind behind each composition soundtrack These beautiful Xenogears. In fact, because of the large number of Xenogears fans who like to play their songs, soundtrack this song-remastered and was released in April 2018 on CD.

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4. Ridge Racer

He’s the one for me, there’s no place I’d rather be, yeah, yeah, yeah. To the finish line, everywhere you look he’s right on time.” What are the lyrics? Of course the lyrics are One More Winopening song from Ridge Racer. With styles dance music combined with pop music makes you excited to play this game. There’s a song Naked Glow and Move Me also a good one, but the taste One More Win is the most OK among the others.

5. Parappa The Rapper

As one of the pioneers who popularized game-based games, rhythm, Parappa the Rapper has a lot of original songs that are very OK. Starting from stage 1 to stage Lastly, all the songs are done very carefully. An example is the song stage These 3 have style rap ala reggae-reggae. There is a possibility that instead of you playing the game, you will actually sing.

6. Guitar Man

Even though it’s different studio with those who work Parappa the Rapperbut vibe from Guitar Man can be said to be equivalent to games The Playstation 1. The different is Parappa the Rapper focused on the songs raphip-hop, while Guitar Man focus on the song rock. The best song? It is in stage 2 Guitar Man, Flyin’ to Your Hearta mix of rock and J-pop.

Is the song good? many of soundtrack the game was made into a CD, but only sold in Japan there. Who knows you might want to find it. Which one left the most mark on you? Share your opinion in the comments column yes, guys!

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