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These 5 Types of Young People’s Favorite Drinks Can Damage Your Kidneys and Need To Be Limited! Anything?

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The kidneys have an important function in processing red blood cells, balancing fluids, and filtering excess waste substances to be excreted by the body.

However, this kidney has the potential to be damaged over time, if it is seriously injured as a result of daily habits.

One of them is the habit of consuming drinks that can damage the kidneys in large quantities and often.

Not only that, dehydration or loss of body fluids due to lack of drinking water is also a risk for kidney failure.

Quoted from the page EatthisBelow are types of drinks that can harm kidney health. Here’s the explanation.


Drink a lot of alcoholDrink a lot of alcohol/ Photo:

Drinks high in alcohol content not only cause health problems for the liver, but also the kidneys.

A comparative study published in the journal Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation found that high alcohol consumption can increase albuminuria in the body.

Albuminuria is an indicator of the protein content of albumin in a person’s urine and a sign of kidney disease.


Coffee is useful for increasing concentrationillustration Coffee/ Photo: Pexels/ Burst

The next type of drink that can damage the kidneys is high caffeine, such as coffee or tea.

Caffeine is claimed to be a diuretic and has an adverse effect on the kidneys’ ability to absorb water. Consuming too many caffeinated drinks can cause chronic kidney disease and increase the risk of kidney stones.

Packaged Juice

Tips for overcoming dull eyesTips for dealing with dull eyes/ Photo: Tankilevitch

Instant packaged fruit juices are often sweetened or added sugar so they are high in calories. In addition to contributing to a pile of excess fat, this packaged juice drink has the potential to damage kidney function.

The results showed that people who liked packaged drinks were more prone to chronic kidney disease, compared to those who drank more water.

In addition to the drinks above, there are still drinks that are at risk of damaging your kidneys if consumed in excess. Find more here.


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