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These 5 K-Pop Idols Become Second Lead Females in Korean Drama 2022

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Korean dramas always involve many actors and actresses as players. His roles also vary and have their own iconic side. From first lead, second lead, support roleuntil the cameo, all of them have the same opportunity to steal the hearts of the audience.

This time, we specifically discuss the idol KPop who appeared as second lead female in the Korean drama 2022. Who and what kind of characters do they bring? Come on, see the review below!

1. Kang Mina (Moonshine)

These 5 K-Pop Idols Become Second Lead Females in Korean Drama 2022Kang Mina in the drama Moonshine (

Kang Mina is a former member of IOI and Gugudan. Since separating from the group, he has been more active in acting. There are a total of eight dramas and one film featuring Kang Mina.

In 2022, Kang Mina appears as second lead in drama Moonshine sageuk who just graduated on February 22 last. Idol-actress born in 1999 brought the character of Han Ae Jin who is the daughter of a noble.

2. Apink’s Naeun (Ghost Doctor)

These 5 K-Pop Idols Become Second Lead Females in Korean Drama 2022Apink’s Naeun in the drama Ghost Doctor (

In mid-February, Naeun successfully ran comebackher as idol with Apink. At the same time, his new drama Ghost Doctor is also showing.

In the drama, Naeun transforms into Oh Soo Jeong, a talented intern who specializes in cardiothoracic surgery. She is also a close friend as well as a girl who likes the character played by Kim Bum.

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3. Bona WJSN (Twenty-Five, Twenty-One)

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These 5 K-Pop Idols Become Second Lead Females in Korean Drama 2022WJSN’s Bona in the drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One (

On air, drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One is still a hot topic of discussion. not only first lead played by Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri, WJSN’s Bona who plays second lead female also attracts attention.

Idol who made his acting debut in 2017 brought the character of Ko Yoo Rim, a fencer who won a gold medal at the age of 18. Initially, Yoo Rim was greatly idolized by Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri). As the story progresses, they become rivals and get into fights several times.

4. Yura Girl’s Day (Forecasting Love and Weather)

These 5 K-Pop Idols Become Second Lead Females in Korean Drama 2022Yura Girl’s Day in the drama Forecasting Love and Weather (

Her acting skills are getting honed, Yura Girl’s Day in Forecasting Love and Weather successful in making the audience angry, here. He appeared as Chae Yoo Jin, a weather journalist who cheated on Lee Si Woo (Song Kang).

Yoo Jin then married his mistress. However, day by day he even doubts the marriage and looks like he wants to go back to Lee Si Woo who is already with another woman.

5. Sojin Girl’s Day (Shooting Star)

These 5 K-Pop Idols Become Second Lead Females in Korean Drama 2022Sojin Girl’s Day while participating in the reading process for the drama Shooting Star (

Other Girl’s Day personnel who became second lead in the Korean drama 2022 is sang leader aka Sojin. He will appear in upcoming drama Shooting Star with Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae.

Later, Sojin will become a friend of Lee Sung Kyung’s character. He is ready to exude a strong charm as a reporter in the entertainment world.

Even though status second lead femalethey don’t interfere with the love story of first leadher, you know. Of the four dramas that have aired, it is shown that they already have their respective partners. Exist second lead that makes you shake, doesn’t it?

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