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These 5 Habits That Make Skin More Oily

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Caring for oily skin can indeed be a little tricky. It takes the right care products to keep facial skin healthy. But, have you tried all the products? skincare, but your skin is even more oily? Not only because the product is not suitable, the habits below can also be the cause of oily skin. Let’s see!

1. Washing your face too often

These 5 Habits That Make Your Skin More

If you think washing your face as often as possible can get rid of the oil on your face, then you are wrong. Washing your face too often will only dry out your skin. When the skin is dry, it will produce natural oils to keep the face moist. This is what ultimately makes the face so oily.

2. Do not use moisturizer

These 5 Habits That Make Your Skin More

Oily skin still needs moisturizer. This is to hydrate and moisturize the face and balance oil levels. The tip, choose a water-based moisturizer and one that has a label on it oil-free and non-comedogenic.

3. Using products that do not have an oil-free label

These 5 Habits That Make Your Skin More

Frequent use make-up and your skin is so oily? Maybe it’s because you don’t use a product labeled oil-free. Choose foundationpowder and products make-up others with labels oil-free which is suitable for oily skin.

4. Too often eat oily food and junk food

These 5 Habits That Make Your Skin More

You are what you eat! If you often eat oily fried foods and junk food, don’t be surprised if your skin is getting oily. Balance your nutritional intake by eating fruits and vegetables and drinking at least eight glasses of water per day.

5. Exfoliating too hard

These 5 Habits That Make Your Skin More

Exfoliation is important to do so that dead skin cells can be exfoliated. But doing it too hard will not only irritate facial skin, but can also make facial skin oily.

Those were five habits that can make oily skin. Stop this habit right away!

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