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These 4 things make you want to go on vacation to Pare

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Want to go on vacation but don’t know where to go? Want to go abroad, but budget not enough? Want to travel around Indonesia, but are afraid to spend a lot of money? Take it easy, this time there is very interesting and useful information for those of you who want a cheap vacation but still fun and useful.

Yep, Pare! One of the best choices for a vacation while studying. You can learn English, Mandarin, or other foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčthere. You can really go there during the college semester holidays. This is the main reason you should go there!

Vacation While Learning English

Who doesn’t agree that holidays are fun? If it’s just fun on vacation, how about while studying, of course it’s even more fun. Pare as an English learning center that offers economical and useful package holidays for all of us.

For those of you who still have complaints in English and still want a vacation, Pare is the perfect solution to answer your complaints. You can feel a sensation that you have never felt before. Like chatting in English with sellers of somay, cilok, rujak sellers, and so on.

Besides being able to actively chat in English with people from your village, you can also enjoy various English learning packages. Starting from the most basic to the level expert. Great right?!


These 4 things make you want to go on vacation to Pare

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No need to worry when talking about the cost of a vacation as well as English lessons. The tuition fee is very cheap. You can take a complete package with lodging facilities, or not. The cost of living there is also very cheap. Transportation costs are also cheap. You can rent an ontel bike there for a certain number of months.

You can also visit some iconic tourist destinations, but they are cheap. Like Simpang Lima Gumul which is similar to the Arc De Triomphe monument in Paris, France. There are also Goa Lawa, Goa Dewi Killi Suci, Mount Kelud, and so on.

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Course While Looking For A Match

These 4 things make you want to go on vacation to Pare

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not only residents of Kediri who take English courses in Pare. The participants consisted of various regions, from Sabang to Merauke. In fact, not infrequently there are students or students from abroad. Of course, of the many course participants, many are still single. This is what makes a vacation to Pare even more fun. Not a few couples who are matched when they are on vacation and taking courses in Pare.

Diverse Course Programs

These 4 things make you want to go on vacation to Pare Instagram/access_es

Eits, if you think there are only a few courses in Pare, wait a minute. Pare has many course institutions with their respective specializations. Starting from speaking, grammar, pronunciation, listening, TOEFL to IELTS. Complete right?!

The cost itself is also quite affordable. Starting from Rp. 150 thousand to Rp. 600 thousand, you can enjoy one course package with a duration of one month. More than that, at that cost, you have also received a final test plus a certificate from the course institution.

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