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These 3 Everyday Fashion Trends Can Be Harmful To Your Health

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Following the trend fashion for the sake of looking more fashionable, okay. However, jDon’t let it interfere with your health. A number of fashion items known to have a negative effect on health.

It is important to know the dangers that lurk related to the use fashion items certain. This will make you aware of the various risks of health problems that may arise. So you can choose, trend fashion which ones should not be worn often and which ones are safe for everyday wear.These 3 Everyday Fashion Trends Can Be Harmful To Your Health - Alodokter

Danger that lurks

The desire to look more fashionable makes some people put aside the effects of using fashion items specific to health. Even though there are main conditions that are much more important when choosing fashion items, that is comfortable and safe.

Here are three types fashion items that you need to limit its use because it can interfere with health:

  • Tight clothes
    Use of shirts and tights, as skinny jeans can make you look slimmer and taller. However, there are some health risks that lurk if you often wear tight clothing, including:
    • If you often experience heartburn due to increased production of stomach acid, tight clothing can reduce gastric space, thereby making the complaint worse.
    • Wearing clothes that are too tight can interfere with walking, sitting, and bending over. If worn too long and too often can aggravate back pain.
    • The use of tight clothing can cause friction between the skin and clothing. This contributes to inflammation of the hair follicles (folliculitis).
    • The use of tight pants can cause meralgia paraesthetica. This condition occurs when the nerves are compressed or irritated so that the thigh feels pain and numbness.
    • A study states, the use of tight pants may cause dyspermia. Dyspermia is an abnormality in the number and shape of sperm due to overheating of the testes.
    • If you occasionally want to wear tight clothes, choose clothes made of cotton because they can absorb sweat. In addition, immediately change your tight clothes with looser clothes when you get home.
  • Handbag, tote bag, and sling bag
    From the side fashion, the use of handbags, tote bags and sling bags may look more fashionable. However, from a health perspective, the use of these three types of bags can have a negative impact on health. This is because the use of handbags, tote bags, and sling bags only focuses on one side of the body.
    The effects of using a handbag, tote, or sling bag on health include:
    • This type of bag only focuses on one side of the body, so long-term use can cause back pain and a curved spine.
    • Too much pressure on the trapezius muscle on one side of the shoulder can cause the muscle to tense up. This can cause pain that radiates to the head, on the side of the body that carries the bag.
    • If the bag you are using has a thin strap or the strap of the bag you are wearing is made of hard material, then the shoulder muscles can be injured and hurt. Especially if the load you carry is too heavy.
    • To minimize this risk, it is recommended to use a backpack or backpack with comfortable foam straps. However, if you must use it anyway, wear a bag with thick and soft straps, then move the bag from one shoulder to the other in turn. This is necessary so that the load is not concentrated on one shoulder only. Also avoid carrying too many things.
  • High heels
    High heels do make the legs look longer, but the continuous use of these shoes has the risk of causing the following conditions:
    • Using high heels too often can cause bunionswhich is a bone protruding condition at the joint below the big toe.
    • Besides being able to experience bunions, you can also suffer from this condition, which is an imbalance of the ligaments and muscles around the toe joint, causing an abnormality (bend) in the middle joint of the toe.
    • Wearing high heels can cause ingrown or ingrown toenails. It can also cause calluses on the toes.
    • Imbalance when wearing high heels risks causing sprains, torn ligaments, and fractures.

If you must wear high heels, rest your feet occasionally after standing for a long time. Take off your shoes when sitting down and wear flat shoes instead.

Even though you want to look fashionable, you still prioritize the trend fashion safety. Don’t ignore the dangers that lurk from this trend, so that your health is well maintained.

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