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These 10 Naruto and Boruto characters turn out to be clones, clones of humans! | Dunia Games

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These 10 Naruto and Boruto characters turn out to be clones, clones of humans!
Clones are not only created from Bunshin Jutsu, but also through experimentation. And these 10 Naruto and Boruto ninja are human clones of experimental results!

In Ninja World Narutoand Borutoimitations or clones are usually created from such a technique Kagebunshin no Jutsu. However, the clone of jutsudoesn’t last long and is usually destroyed when hit. So if a more permanent clone is needed then a real clone or an artificial human created through the cells of a real person in the laboratory is the answer! So far, 10 characters in the anime Narutoand BorutoThe following is told that he was born as a clone, you know.

1. Mitsuki

Orochimaru’s “child” created by cloning technology and bred in a tube. Orochimaru even implanted juinjutsusecret in Mitsuki’s body that will destroy his body if someone tries to operate on Mitsuki so that the results of this experiment are not known to other parties.

Even so, Orochimaru still wants Mitsuki to live like a normal human to the point that he makes an elaborate plan that forces Mitsuki to rebel against the influence of Orochimaru and his brother, Log. He finally decided to follow Boruto, the son of the Seventh Hokage, and join Team 7.

2. Log

Orochimaru’s clone who is older than Mitsuki aka “his brother”. Together with Orochimaru, they make a plan so that Mitsuki can determine his own life goals. When Mitsuki was badly injured from wearing Sage ModeIn order to protect his friends against a Kara member named Deepa, Log voluntarily sacrifices his organs so that Mitsuki can be healthy again. Currently Log is in intensive care, waiting for Orochimaru’s new artificial organ.

3. White Zetsu

Originally, White Zetsu was the first to get hit Mugen Tsukuyomi launched by Kaguya Otsutsuki. After being attached to the God Tree for decades, his body transformed into a figure with a “neutral” appearance and chakra.

After being stored in the Gedo Mazo with the other victims, Madara then implanted Hashirama’s cells so they could “proliferate”. However, even without the help of the other party White Zetsu could reproduce perfectly using the technique Kisei Bunshin.

4. Shin Uchiha

The original character of Shin Uchiha was one of Orochimaru’s guinea pigs who became obsessed with the Uchiha Clan and wanted to revive Akatsuki. His clone was born from the various experiments that Orochimaru carried out on Shin. Throughout their lives, their bodies and organs are only used as “spare parts” for experiments.

After Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Sarada defeated the original Shin, the child clones were then taken to the Konoha Orphanage and cared for by Kabuto.

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5. Koji Kashin

The member of the Kara organization who always appears mysterious wearing this mask turns out to be a Jiraiya clone created by Kara’s genius professor, Amado. He and Amado work as double agents within the organization, carrying out Jigen’s orders but trying to betray him too when the opportunity arises. Many fans have guessed this because Koji always uses jutsu frog and fire themed.

6. Ku

An artificial human created by Onoki and a scientist from the combination of Onoki’s DNA, science kinjutsu I ta, and White Zetsu cell samples. Onoki intends to use Ku and Akuta’s army as replacements shinobi Iwagakure so that their lives are not wasted in battle. However, the artificial human project is considered a forbidden act by the ninja world while Ku, although loyal to Onoki, is annoyed by his perceived indecisiveness and wants to rush to create a peaceful world without conflict — no matter what.

Due to Onoki’s clone, Ku has the exact same abilities as the Third Tsuchikage including Dust Elementcapable of destroying everything. He and his minions are the main antagonists Boruto Episode 71until 92.

7. Kirara

An artificial human from Iwagakure who was cloned from another White Zetsu. He has power was genjutsu The extraordinary thing about his eyes, being able to read someone’s intentions and control their bodies if they looked into each other’s eyes.

8. Sekiei

This one of my minions is strengthened with cells that have the ability to create clay dolls Kibaku Nendoand Explosive Elementso he can launch a puppet explosion technique like Deidara.

9. Kokuyou

Despite not having the ability to wear jutsuMy minions have extraordinary strength and are good at using weapons tonfa. He had killed a number of Konoha Jonin without difficulty.

10. Kakou

My strongest right hand. It seems that Kakou is also implanted by Onoki’s cell so he can use Dust Element. Even so, he could only use it once every 20 seconds if he didn’t want to destroy his body. He is also very skilled at using Earth Release jutsu to outwit the opponent.

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