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There’s Jihyo TWICE, 5 Gen 3 KPop Idols Expected to Debut

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A idol K-Pop doesn’t only receive dance and singing training, but they are also taught to develop their potential and talents in terms of acting. This was done because the idol must have acted in their own music video.

There’s been a lot lately idol who switched their focus to acting while they were promoting as member idol group. ASTRO’s Eunwoo, GOT7’s Jinyoung, MISS A’s Suzy, are a few idol the third generation who actively participates in dramas and films.

However, there are some idol who show more interest and ability when they are acting in their own music videos, but have not been given the opportunity to go directly into acting.

Who are they? Let’s listen, 5 idol The third generation of K-Pop is highly expected to jump into the world of acting soon.

1. TWICE’s Jihyo

Jihyo TWICE (

Jihyo is trusted to be the leader and main vocalist girl group world star TWICE. Jihyo is idol versatile and talented. After winning the coveted spot as a member of TWICE on the show survival JYP “Sixteen,” since then he has also become one of the Idol The most beloved female KPop of the 3rd Generation. Most of the ONCEs realized that she was scouted at a young age by JYP Entertainment with the aim of becoming an actress but instead turned to training as a KPop idol.

Knowing that she wanted to become an actress and trained for many years, many fans said they were excited to see Jihyo appear in a KDrama in a big enough role. Jihyo is considered very suitable to play the female protagonist because she has a pleasant personality and always appears expressive in front of the camera.


There's Jihyo TWICE, 5 Gen 3 KPop Idols Who Are Expected To Make Acting DebutsBLACKPINK Rose (

Rosé has made herself famous as a member of BLACKPINK and as a soloist. She has been given many opportunities to build her career when she released her solo album “R” and became a global ambassador for high-end fashion brands. Many fans have questioned why Rosé never entered the world of acting.

Whereas she herself has shown that she can release strong emotions as seen in the music videos for “Lovesick Girls” and “Gone” it is easy to imagine Rosé becoming a successful actress in the future.

Based on how much she likes singing, she could be the main female protagonist in a musical KDrama like Red Velvet’s Joy in The Liar and His Lover. Her goddess aura also makes her a good candidate for roles in fantasy dramas like IU in Hotel Del Luna.

3. TWICE’s Jeongyeon

There's Jihyo TWICE, 5 Gen 3 KPop Idols Who Are Expected To Make Acting DebutsJeongyeon TWICE (

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Another member of TWICE, Jeongyeon has so much potential as an actress. An interesting and fun fact about Jeongyeon is that she is the younger sister of actress Gong Seung Yeon, a Korean actress who has starred in many famous dramas. With this correlation, ONCE expects Jeongyeon to follow in her brother’s footsteps and enter the world of acting.

However, fans were heartbroken when the “What is Love” singer told a fan in late 2021 that JYPE turned down the chance for him to appear in the drama.

Jeongyeon can easily play multiple roles. Her versatile hairstyle and concept style can give her a range from playing a soft-spoken female protagonist to an attractive-looking CEO.

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4. Eunha VIVIZ

There's Jihyo TWICE, 5 Gen 3 KPop Idols Who Are Expected To Make Acting DebutsVIVIZ’s Eunha (

Former GFriend member and current VIVIZ member Eunha is a little different compared to the other idols on this list. He is a former child actor who played a role in the 2007 KDrama The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War but hasn’t played a major role since becoming idol.

This innate talent for acting was further strengthened when he graduated from School of Performing Arts Seoulan honorable art school attended by many K-Pop idols, with a degree in Stage Arts. Many fans think comebackher on screen will be very helpful to elevate Eunha’s career in the world entertainment.

Eunha’s innocent image and cheerful demeanor will perfectly suit the female protagonist in the romance of life in high school or university.

5. S. Coups

There's Jihyo TWICE, 5 Gen 3 KPop Idols Who Are Expected To Make Acting DebutsSEVENTEEN S.Coups (instagra,.com/sound_of_scoups)

When thinking about rapper great kpop, leader SEVENTEEN, S.Coups must come to your mind. The astonishing fact that he had also attended school at School of Performing Arts Seoul and graduated from theater acting major.

This penchant for acting clearly means that he has the desire to become an actor in the near future and fans think that he will do well. His gentle facial features would allow him to play the likable but aura protagonist bad boy inherent in him makes S. Coups also suitable to play a more antagonistic and mysterious character.

Have been in the entertainment world for a long time, it’s not wrong if the fans are very impatient waiting for the fifth idol above to make her acting debut soon. Which one are you looking forward to the most?

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