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There are Seven Best Selling iPhone Models in 2021

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Apple has taken over the global smartphone market. This is evidenced by the dominance of several iPhone models that are selling well in the global market. Not kidding, there are seven iPhone models recorded among the top 10 best-selling smartphones in 2021. The peak is occupied by the iPhone 12.

According to the latest Counterpoint Research report, iPhone 12 launched by Apple in 2020 is the best selling smartphone of 2021. People prefer non-Pro high end products. Admittedly, this smartphone is priced at an affordable price and has a normal screen size compared to other flagship models.

Counterpoint noted that the iPhone 12 had a total worldwide sales of 2.9%. In second place is the iPhone 12 Pro Max which accounts for 2.2% of global smartphone sales in 2021. In third place is the vanilla iPhone 13 with a 2.1% share in global sales.

Followed in fourth position is the iPhone 12 Pro with total sales in the global market of 2.1%. Closing the top five positions, was the iPhone 11 with total world sales of 2.0%. It also hints that consumers are still looking for the iPhone 11, even though it is now two generations old.

According to Apple’s recent estimate of smartphone sales of 1.39 billion. The technology giant based in Cupertino, United States is estimated to have sold around 40 million units of the iPhone 12 model, and 30 million iPhone 12 Pro Max. Other models, such as the iPhone 13, 12 Pro, and 11 may be in the range of 27 to 29 million units.

Similar to last year’s report, the list released by Counterpoint does not feature Samsung’s high-end devices. Yes! We can see that there is only the Galaxy A12. As we all know, it’s a budget-friendly smartphone released by Samsung, and it’s recorded at the sixth position with a total of 2.0%.

Another smartphone manufacturer that is also listed is Xiaomi. This smartphone manufacturer from China has indeed taken advantage of the lower to mid-range model, so it has been a huge success in several countries, including in China, India and Asia Pacific.

It was noted that Redmi 9A and Redmi 9 appeared in the seventh and tenth positions, each recorded having total sales of 1.9% and 1.1%. The iPhone SE (2020) also remains a popular choice for gadget enthusiasts, enjoying a 1.6% share of total smartphone sales in 2021.

And Apple just launched the iPhone SE (2022). Of course, Apple will also hope that the iPhone SE (2022) which now has 4 GB of RAM and is supplied with the Apple A15 Bionic chipset (5 nm) can talk a lot this year. That way, Apple can still smile to cater to the “budget-friendly” smartphone market.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max came in ninth in the top ten list, ahead of the 13 Pro which didn’t make the top 10. This may be because customers prefer the Pro Max model’s bigger screen. If this is true, then this year’s top 10 might look a lot different.

The reason is, Apple is rumored to be launching the iPhone 14 Max, which is said to have the same screen dimensions as the iPhone 14 Pro Max but will be sold slightly cheaper than the iPhone 14 Pro. However, we still have to wait for this information from the mouth of Apple. It is not like that?

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