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The winner of “CINTA LOCASI INDONESIA” has been announced

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On September 16, Motion Picture Association (MPA) partnered with AKATARA Film Market & Business Forum, APROFI, Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, and Ministry of Education and Culture, to announce the winners of the video competition “Love Location Indonesia“.

Belinda Lui, President & Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Motion Picture Association, said, “We are very pleased with the response from this location video competition. We welcome participants from areas such as Aceh, Lampung, West Nusa Tenggara, East Kilimantan, North Sulawesi, West Papua, and many others. It is clear that Indonesia is rich with great locations for filming films and television shows, and is also rich in creative talent. We thank our government and industry partners for collaborating on this innovative concept, and wish all filmmakers success with their future projects.”

Five judges rated entrants’ work based on a variety of factors, including levels of creativity and originality, and how effectively the video promoted the features of their chosen filming location.

Mother Hanifa Makarim as Director of Access to Finance of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy announced the winner of this competition, and commented on the video quality of the participants, he said, “Film as a medium of communication is effective enough to promote tourist destinations and explore potential in various regions. The love location program is a program that is in line with the target of tourism promotion through films that are expected to have a positive impact on tourist destinations that appear in the film, including a significant increase in the tourism sector, ranging from public awareness of tourist destinations, increasing popularity, to increase in the number of tourist visitors.”

“We congratulate the winner of the Cinta Location Indonesia competition, Ivan Oeilex, for the jury’s favorite video work, South Sulawesi.”

Ivan Oeilex will receive the Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 drone, which is a complete aerial shooting solution, designed for professional content creators.

The jury consists of:

Mrs. Wulan Guritno – Actress, Producer and member of APROFI,

Mrs. Hanifah Makarim – Director of Access to Finance of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy,

Dr. Ir. Bonifasius Wahyu Pudjianto – M.Eng Director of Information Empowerment, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology,

Mr. Ahmad Mahendra – Director of Film, Music and New Media, Ministry of Education and Culture, and Mr. Agung Sentausa – Director/Head of Film Financing, BPI & Founder of AKATARA.

The second award was given to most popular videos chosen by the public who visit the Cinta Location Indonesia website.

The winner is Billy Prayoga, from Pasundan, for his promotional video The Part of Pasundan. Billy will receive the 2021 MPA Smartphone Hero Kit from Treehouse Smartphone Storytelling. Included in this Kit are several professional accessories to turn your Smartphone into a ready to use professional shooting kit.

The video competition for filmmakers and content creators closed on July 31 with 98 participants from all over the archipelago.

To see the video in question, click here


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