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The Watcher movie review – Cinemags

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The movie “The Watchers”, which is a movie drama-thriller with a touch of comedy has been airing exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar since Friday, September 24, 2021.

The Watcher

In this movie,Angga Yunanda and Caitlin Halderman Acting together provides a spectacle for teenagers and their fans alike.

The Watcher cinemagsThe Watcher

There is nothing to worry about getting too serious while watching this film, because a touch of comedy has been given to the audience from the start, from the moment Khrisna (played by Angga Ynanda) wants to attract the attention of Tiara (played by Caitlin Halderman) a girl who has just entered his school.

Unfortunately because of the carelessness of his two friends, Soni (Teuku Rizky) and Stump (Yudha Rivet) In the end, Krishna was injured and suffered a broken bone, which resulted in him having to rest at home waiting for the healing of his broken leg.

Feeling guilty, the two friends finally bought a sophisticated pair of binoculars, and allowed Khrisna to see around her house complex through her bedroom window.

This is where the adventure and thriller begins. Tiara apparently noticed what happened to Krishna and because her house was across from Krishna, the two of them became close and liked to joke.

One day the empty house began to be filled and when Krishna checked through his binoculars, he found things that made him curious. He also involved his friends and Tiara as his “accomplice”, while he remained in his room observing through binoculars and also communicating via mobile phone with this “accomplice”.

One incident after another, finally revealed and revealed the biggest secret of Tiara and her father

In terms of storyline, this film is fresh with ideas and discusses situations that often occur around Indonesia, accompanied by a light but deep message.

The picture quality is also good, it feels like watching a movie in the cinema. It’s no wonder that the camera used during filming turned out to be the camera used for filming on the big screen. So even if you want to carry it and play it on a large screen, the picture is still clear.

For those who are curious to watch this light and quite relaxing film, it can still be watched on Disney + Hotstar. (cinemas)

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