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The Watcher compares Angga Yunanda and Caitlin Halderman

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The heroic actions of four teenagers to overcome the threats that lurk are present in “The Watchers”, film drama-thriller with a touch of comedy that will air exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar on Friday, September 24, 2021. Made by MD Pictures it features two talented young stars, Angga Yunanda and Caitlin Halderman, and produced by Manoj Punjabi together Anggy Umbara as director.

The adventures of these four friends begin from the point of view of the main character, namely Krishna (Angga Yunanda), a handsome boy who is smart and good at playing futsal. One day, Krishna, who was playing futsal, tried to show his charm and skill in playing in front of Tiara (Caitlin Halderman), the idol of the heart. During the match, Krishna managed to score goals after goals, and the audience cheered for his success. However, due to being immersed in the action, Krishna lost focus and accidentally injured his leg during a match. Krishna was forced to wear a cast and do a recovery period at home.

While doing the recovery process at home, Krishna was visited by his two best friends, namely Soni (Teuku Rizky) and The stump (Yudha Rivet). The two of them came to entertain and at the same time gave Krishna a gift, namely binoculars which were hoped to cure his longing for the figure of Tiara who happened to live across from his house.

Tiara apparently realized that she was being watched by Krishna through the binoculars and ventured to contact Krishna. Unexpectedly, the first short message from Tiara turned out to be a routine agenda that brought the two of them closer. However, one day, Krishna accidentally saw a group of unknown men with suspicious movements around their house.

Aware of the danger that lurked, Krishna formed a group called ‘The Watchers’ consisting of Tiara, Soni, and Tunggul. The four teenagers rushed to investigate as well as uncover the dangerous plans of the mysterious group. So, will the group ‘The Watcher’ succeed in uncovering the truth and thwarting the plans of this dangerous group?

“Through the film ‘The Watcher’, I hope that the character I play can entertain and inspire fans to continue to hone their curiosity, lead and problem-solving skills, and continue to be brave in facing challenges for the sake of fighting for goodness. I hope that the film, which will soon be showing on Disney+ Hotstar, can answer the longing of detective film fans with a clever and unpredictable storyline,” said Angga Yunanda.

Anggy Umbarathe director of ‘The Watcher said, “Taking inspiration from various crime-thriller genre films, we dedicate this film ‘The Watcher’ to fans who have long been waiting for a local film that is able to play the audience’s emotions through its story. I hope this film can entertain as well as remind the audience to always be vigilant and take care of all of us wherever we are. I also want to thank Disney+ Hotstar for the continuous support given to local filmmakers by showing quality local films that are expected to entertain all levels of society in Indonesia..”

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