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The Uniqueness and Luxury of the 10 Most Famous Classic Hotels in the World

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For those of you who really like traveling, of course, the hotel is the main thing that gets the most attention, and when traveling, of course you will look for the best hotel to stay in for days. Not infrequently there are also people who want to travel to a country just to enjoy the facilities of a luxurious, unique hotel, and of course make you gawk at the fantastic prices. This time GoTravelly I will tell you the most famous classic hotel in the world which is really recommended for you to try while in the country

1. Park Hyatt

The hotel which is ranked first is indeed very famous in New York. Because the Patk Hyatt hotel provides very exclusive facilities, just imagine here you can play golf, and ski with a large green field. The interior of this hotel is also very luxurious, and in every corner of this hotel there are historical items in the world that give a classic impression of the Park Hyatt hotel. For room facilities, there is no need to doubt because it is very complete, and 5-star hotel services are ready to pamper you with families who want to stay here.

To enjoy the various facilities of this Park Hyatt Hotel, you can pay around Rp. 12,928,462 for 1 night.


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2. Rosewood

rosewood london

This Rosewood hotel from the outside looks very luxurious, and the classic impression of this hotel building. Rosewood has been built since 1979, and the interior that offers an experience like being in the British Empire, always attracts tourists to stay at Rosewood. This 5-star hotel in London offers you the experience of staying like being in the Kingdom. The facilities here are very complete, and what’s interesting about Rosewood is its luxurious 5-star restaurant. Every corner of Rosewood feels very luxurious, guys, so it makes anyone feel at home for long in this place.

If you want to feel the sensation of staying in the United Kingdom, you can pay Rosewood lodging for Rp. 20,191,524 for 1 night.

3. Taj Hotels & Resorts

taj hotels & resorts

Taj Hotels & Resorts is already very famous all over the world. Because Taj Hotels & Resorts is the biggest and best hotel in India, guys. So here you will see how the classic beauty of Taj Hotels & Resorts, and some historical items are at Taj Hotels & Resorts. If in Rosewood you can feel the sensation of being in the kingdom of England, in contrast to Taj Hotels & Resorts, you can enjoy the sensation of being in the kingdom of India. Well here you will also be served by waiters who use traditional Indian clothes.

Taj Hotels & Resorts is really recommended to try, because the facilities are complete, and by staying at Taj Hotels & Resorts, you can know how Indian traditions are. To experience all the facilities available at Taj Hotels & Resorts, and to see the classic Taj Hotels & Resorts, you can pay the Taj Hotels & Resorts accommodation rate for Rp. 3,211,078 for 1 night.

4. The Peninsula Hotels

the peninsula hotels

The hotel, which is listed as the oldest hotel in the world, has been built since 1866, The Peninsula Hotels Hong Kong has a variety of luxurious facilities, if you stay at The Peninsula Hotels you can enjoy expensive car rides, and play gold on the hotel grounds that have been built. provided.
The building of The Peninsula Hotels is indeed very luxurious, and classic, especially at night all the lights will be on, of course giving the impression of The Peninsula Hotels getting more luxurious. To stay at The Peninsula Hotels, you can pay around Rp. 7,767,931 for 1 night.

5. Belmond

belmond london

This exclusive inn has indeed attracted a lot of interest from visitors who want to stay in Belmond. Just imagine here you can take luxury trains, and cruise ships, this facility only has 1 world, no other hotel provides facilities as luxurious as Belmond. You can take a cruise ship, take a luxury train, and plus luxurious lodging facilities. in Belmond you can enjoy natural scenery, namely green trees, gardens, and cool air.

If you are bored with the hustle and bustle of the city of Belmond, it can be an option while in London. The price of the Belmond Inn is still unknown, you can check on Google, because every day the price changes.

6. Amanjiwo Resorts

amanjiwo resort borobudur

The hotel, which is ranked sixth, is in Indonesia, guys, Amanjiwo Resorts is indeed very famous in Indonesia, and is a destination for foreign tourists to visit Indonesia. This Amanjiwo Resorts offers a different experience, you can feel how thick Javanese customs are. The interior of Amanjiwo Resorts is also very traditional, at Amanjiwo Resorts you can see the beautiful Borobudur temple in the afternoon.
Amanjiwo Resorts is also included in the list of the best hotels in the world, guys, and Amanjiwo Resorts already has 3 branches, namely in Delhi, Beijing, and Tokyo.
If you are in Indonesia you can come to the village of Mejaksingi, Borobudur, Central Java. Now to enjoy various facilities at Amanjiwo Resorts, you can pay around Rp. 8.110,512 For 1 night.

7. Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa

hanoi la siesta hotel & spa

If you are in Hanoi confused about where to stay, then ‘Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa’ can be an option, because here you will be spoiled with various luxurious hotel facilities, namely you can enjoy a spa, luxurious rooms, and can enjoy restaurant dishes with delicious vietnamese menu.

The interior which has gold and brown colors does give a classic impression coupled with the items that adorn every corner of Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa, adding to the classic impression of this hotel building. Now to enjoy the various facilities available at Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa, you can pay around Rp. 986,038 for 1 night.

8. The Mark Hotel

the mark hotel new york

New York does have a lot of Classic hotels, and one of them is The Mark Hotel. This hotel offers luxurious rooms that are equipped with really cool facilities, there is a large living room, piano, and super luxurious room buildings that will make anyone gape. Coupled with the rooftop facilities that are here. Besides being able to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the Rooftop, you can enjoy special dishes from Chef Jean-Gerorges from France if you stay at The Mark Hotel. The rate for staying at The Mark Hotel is really fantastic, which is around Rp. 1.07 billion for 1 night.

9. Mandarin Oriental

shanghai oriental mandarin

This hotel is indeed very famous in the world, besides having a classic Mandarin Hotel building, it is also included in the list of the most luxurious hotels in the world. This Mandarin Oriental is in the Shanghai area, and if you stay at the Mandarin Oriental you can see views of Shanghai City from your hotel room, and see a lot of skyscrapers in Shanghai.
The facilities here are a private kitchen, dining room, personal butler, wine cellar in the room, garden, swimming pool, luxurious room interiors, and many more luxurious facilities that are ready to pamper you while at the Mandarin Oriental. To enjoy all the facilities of Mandarin Oriental, you can pay around Rp. 353,000,000 For 1 night.

10. Burj Al Arab

burj al arab dubai

This last famous classic hotel is in Dubai. Burj Al Arab has a minimalist and classic interior. Inside the Burj Al Arab you can see some walls and items that are gold, purple, and red. Burj Al Arab indeed from the outside looks very luxurious. That’s why Burj Al Arab is included in the list of the best and most luxurious hotels in the world.

If you stay at the Burj Al Arab you can enjoy a private cinema, library, luxurious rooms, a restaurant that serves classy dishes, and 5-star hotel services. To enjoy all these luxurious facilities you can pay around Rp. 360,000,000 For 1 Night.

The 10 most famous classic hotels in the world above are very cool, and luxurious, right? interested in trying it? you can answer in the comments column below, which hotel do you want to try, and which hotel is the most classic!

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