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The Trick to Turn Old Shorts Into This Sweet Lace Short

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Bela, want to change your old, unused shorts so they can be worn again? Popbela has a way, it’s easier and more economical than you have to buy new shorts. Want to know what it’s like? See below the steps to make it.

Tools & materials that need to be prepared:

1. Old shorts

2. Lace / lace (color according to material or desire)

3. Pins

4. Sewing Needles

5. Yarn

6. Scissors

7. Sewing Machine (if any)

How to make:

DIY : Lovely Lace Short A la POPBELA

Get your old shorts and lace ready before you start. Then take your lace, cut the lace according to the size of your shorts leg circumference.

DIY : Lovely Lace Short A la POPBELA

Then stick the lace on the inside of the pants or where you want it. Then pierce the lace with a pin before you sew it. This is useful so that the lace is sewn straight and neat. After that, sew the lace following the pin. Perform steps 3 and 4 on the circumference of the other trouser leg.

DIY : Lovely Lace Short A la POPBELA

Yeay! So, super lace short pants cute this.

Good luck, Bela!

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