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The Story of Indonesian Tennis Players Meeting Rafael Nadal Cs at the Australian Open

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Sunday, February 13, 2022 – 07:15 WIB

VIVA – Indonesian women’s tennis player Aldila Sutjiadi shared her experience when she participated in her first Grand Slam, the Australian Open, last January 2022.

Aldila likened that being able to take part in the tournament which was held at Melbourne Park, Melbourne, was like being on a first class flight by sharing facilities with world tennis stars, including the Australian Open 2022 men’s singles champion, Rafael Nadal, and Australian Open 2020 runner-up Garbine Muguruza.

“The atmosphere must be very different, yes, it’s not like if the normal competition is going to increase the economy class, competing in the Australian Open is first class,” Aldila said to Antara in Jakarta, Saturday.

“Whatever is available, food is provided, there is a cafeteria, then lockers with world players, all players in the lounge also see Nadal in the gym, ice bed with Muguruza,” he added.

Valuable experience

His debut at the Grand Slam was a valuable experience for Aldila, as well as motivating the 26-year-old to be able to play in the next major tournament.

Indonesian women’s tennis player, Aldila Sutjiadi competes at the 2019 SEA Games

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