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The Story of 6 Hollywood Artists Who Once Lived Poor

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Leonardo DiCaprio became one of Hollywood’s top actors, his name skyrocketed thanks to Jack Dawson in the legendary film Titanic. Kate Winslet’s co-star also just got her first Oscar at the 88th Academy Awards after being a nominee 200 times.

Leonardo DiCaprio is estimated to have a net worth of US$ 200 million or around Rp. 2.6 trillion. In fact, Leonardo DiCaprio’s assets are estimated to be more than his wealth. In fact, not many know, Leonardo DiCaprio once lived on a cruel street, full of crime.

Leonardo DiCaprio (E!)

In addition, Leonardo DiCaprio was also a tramp as a youth. Finally, Leonardo DiCaprio’s hidden talent coupled with his handsome face was discovered, making him appear for the first time in an advertisement.

In 1993, Leonardo DiCaprio finally began to enter the world of acting in Growing Pain. Since then, Leonardo DiCaprio has been offered to appear in other films.

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