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The Sorrowful Story of People Escaped from North Korea, Survived, But…

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North Korea holds so many mysteries of life that are full of controversy. It started when North Korea rejected a series of humanitarian rules, including a ban on nuclear weapons which resulted in sanctions being ‘isolated’ by the United Nations.

There is no internet network or openness about social life in the world, in it. However, the dominant rumor circulating is that North Korean people tend to be miserable, so they repeatedly try to run away. Some are long, but there is a price to pay. What’s that?

Here are the sad stories of people who managed to get out of North Korea safely, but have quite sad stories.

1. Shot by his own comrade

The Sorrowful Story of People Escaped from North Korea, Survived, But…

Talking about the efforts of North Koreans to get out of the country, you must remember the news about a defector soldier who served in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). The soldier was driving a car and speeding to cross the North and South Korean boundaries in the zone.

Unfortunately, when he jumped out to run across the line and into South Korea, his fellow North Korean soldiers shot him multiple times. As a result, the soldier’s body was full of gunshot wounds and had to be dragged away by South Korean soldiers.

Even so, the defector soldiers have been confirmed safe and alive in South Korea.

2. Experiencing rape from a people smuggling group

The Sorrowful Story of People Escaped from North Korea, Survived, But…

Launching from the New York Post, Yeonmi Park is a woman who is tough enough to get out of North Korea. He mentioned that he wanted to get out of the country, after he had lived a life full of misery. Ranging from poverty to hunger.

Unfortunately, his struggle with his family out of North Korea was full of misery. Starting from experiencing low temperatures in winter, to experiencing rape by a group of people smugglers. After that, they also have to go through the issue of human trafficking.

From a series of problems, Yeonmi Park and her family were saved when they met their father who later died of colon cancer. However, they then received the help of Christian missionaries who managed to take them to a shelter in South Korea.

3. Conned into being a sex worker

The Sorrowful Story of People Escaped from North Korea, Survived, But…

Most North Koreans who try to leave the country of their birth always choose the Chinese route. Despite the high risk of being caught, China is often seen as a lucrative option, with some promising jobs and hiding places.

However, who would have thought that the story of two women whose names were hidden by BBC News, were instead locked up in a building and forced to work as sex workers on a regular basis? on line. It is known, the two women do not even know what it feels like to be exposed to the sun.

Luckily, a priest from South Korea helped the two escape from that place. Starting from chat carried out secretly to a series of stressful events and endeavors. Now, the two women have been handed over to the South Korean side safely.

4. Kidnapped by North Korea

The Sorrowful Story of People Escaped from North Korea, Survived, But…

A woman named Lim Ji Hyun is one of the women from North Korea who managed to escape and live in South Korea. In the land of ginseng, Lim Ji Hyun got a decent life and managed to become a star talk show because of the story of his defection.

Unfortunately, as quoted from BBC News, Lim Ji Hyun suddenly disappeared until 2017. Then, a video showed that he had returned to North Korea with the odd confession that he regretted his decision to run away and live in South Korea.

Launching from The Korea Times, there is no certainty that proves that Lim Ji Hyun returned to her home country voluntarily. Instead, most people speculated that Lim Ji Hyun had been kidnapped and forced by the North Koreans to say things that became North Korean propaganda.

5. Pay some money to cross the river

The Sorrowful Story of People Escaped from North Korea, Survived, But… Binsky

After reading the stories above, you will understand that leaving North Korea is the biggest desire of most people in the country. As a result, the higher the community’s desire and the higher the risk to do so, the higher the price to be paid.

Launching from Drew Binsky’s YouTube account, a woman named Nara from Chongjin City, North Korea, admitted that she had to pay US$10,000. With this amount, Ham Gyeong Bok Do can swim across the Amrok River, which is located between North Korea and China.

From here, you will understand more and more that independence and freedom are in fact still a very expensive price for some people in other countries. Let’s not to take our freedom for granted, Bela! Be grateful and preserve Indonesia’s independence in a good way.

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