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The Reason Why Song Kang Often Plays Korean Dramas on Netflix

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Since 2019 until now, Song Kang has often greeted the audience through his acting in Netflix Korean dramas. Because he always appears on the platform, netizens have dubbed Song Kang the ‘Golden Child of Netflix’, you know!

Why do you think Song Kang often plays Netflix dramas? Check out the following reasons, yes!

1. The beginning of Song Kang’s intimate relationship with Netflix

Song Kang is successful as an actor rising star thanks to his role as Sun Oh in the Netflix drama, Love Alarm. Thanks to this drama, Song Kang’s name is known to many people and he has gained quite a lot of popularity.

Because of its popularity, Love Alarm made into 2 seasons, because the audience is not satisfied with seeing Song Kang’s charm in the drama. Now, Love Alarm this was the beginning of Song Kang’s ‘romantic’ relationship with Netflix.

2. Make netizens amazed with his role in Sweet Home

Not long after the success love alarm, Netflix saw Song Kang’s great potential as an actor and chose him as one of the main characters for the series Sweet Home. Thanks to the unique story and the charm of Song Kang as one of the main characters, Sweet Home a huge success globally and became the most watched Netflix series at the time.

This appearance is one of the reasons why Netflix always chooses Song Kang to act in the dramas they produce.

3. Song Kang is a hardworking actor with great potential

Song Kang (

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In addition to his model-like posture and charming visuals, Song Kang is an actor who always works hard in every drama, you know. We can see the development of Song Kang’s acting along with the many dramas he has played in.

Not only that, guys. Song Kang is also not proud to play a different character in each of his dramas and this makes Netflix put their trust in Song Kang to continue acting in his dramas. Yeokshi, Song Kang is really cool!

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4. Have a vibe and face that captivates viewers from all over the world

This is the Reason Why Song Kang Often Plays Drama on Netflix, Golden Boy!Song Kang (

Another reason why Song Kang often plays dramas on Netflix is ​​because of his charm that captivates fans from all over the world. This Song Kang is an actor who is very suitable to appear on Netflix dramas that can be accessed globally, because his visuals make a lot of people gasp!

5. Always succeed in appearing as the main character in every Netflix drop-out drama

The success of all the dramas starring Song Kang is the reason why he always plays the main role in Netflix original Korean dramas to the point that Song Kang is dubbed as Netflix’s golden child, here!

Starting from Love Alarm, Love Alarm 2, Sweet Home, Navillera, Nevertheless, until Forecasting Love and Weather, Song Kang managed to make all of these dramas viral and had high ratings thanks to his perfect acting when playing all the drama characters, that’s why Netflix really loves Song Kang! Even, fan meeting Song Kang online is sponsored by Netflix, you know, guys. Totally, huh?

So, those were the reasons why Song Kang played so many Netflix dramas that he got the nickname ‘the golden boy of Netflix’. In your opinion, what Netflix drama, huh, will be played by Song Kang?

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