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The Pathetic Fate of Thailand’s Thin Boxer Is Angered by David Jordan

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Wednesday, March 2, 2022 – 09:04 WIB

VIVA – The name of Daud Jordan, the proud Indonesian boxer is quite popular in the world of boxing at home and abroad. But his struggle to get to where he is now is filled with winding roads. Daud Yordan was born in Simpang Dua Village, West Kalimantan on June 10, 1987. Living with a farming family, the boxer with the nickname Cino tries to knit his dream of becoming a world-class boxing athlete.

He thought that boxing would be a way out to elevate his mediocre family. The opportunity came when he received an invitation from Pertina Pusat in Jakarta in 2001. At that time, Daud had just graduated from elementary school.

Since junior, Daud has won many titles at the national level. Until finally representing Indonesia in the 2004 Olympic Qualifiers, while still in high school. Too bad he failed. But the failure did not make him discouraged, the presence of Indonesian promoters made his name even more soar. He was brought to the international level by the Crown Promotion led by King Sapta Oktohari.

Defeat Kato, Daud Jordan retains WBO title

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His career accelerated after fighting in Las Vegas, United States. At that time, his opponent Antonio Meza was defeated by points. He became the first Indonesian boxer to win in the United States. After that he won a number of prestigious titles, he holds three titles namely WBO Intercontinental lightweight, IBA super lightweight and WBO Oriental.

And there is one match that is quite attention-grabbing, which is facing a tough Thai boxer named Aekkawee Kaermanee. At that time the duel was held in Pattaya, Thailand on August 4, 2019. Since the first round, Daud Jordan has been intimidated by his opponent’s jokes. Aekkawee teased by sticking his head out not once or twice but often.

But David was not provoked, he even more insistently want to hurt his opponent. And finally in the fifth round Aekkawee gave up because he had received repeated blows. He was distraught and could not continue the fight. The referee then stopped the match and Cino was declared the winner.

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