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The Original Doll from the Squid Game Stranded in a South Korean Rural Museum

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Due to procedural and communication errors, serial fans Squid Games which airs on Netflix, can see the creepy giant doll from the series. This is because the doll, which is famous for the “Red Light, Green Light” scene, was “stranded” in a South Korean village. The original doll used in the scene in the series is placed outside the horse-drawn carriage museum where it greets visitors with eerie blank stares.

The museum, called Macha Land, is located in a small horse-drawn carriage village in Jincheon County, about three hours north of Seoul. The studio specially made/built the giant doll for the famous “Red Light, Green Light” scene, and then entrusted the museum to put it on display after filming was over.

It turned out that this happened because of a miscommunication which was quite confusing. According to a report from Hankook Ilbo, the museum never intended to leave the doll to the public, but they should have kept it in the building. The glitch resulted in some fans being able to get up close and personal with the scariest doll on the planet today.

In Squid Games, the doll plays the deadly judge of the game Red Light, Green Light. Anyone who was still moving when his sinister gaze shifted back, they were definitely “disappeared.” It’s a chilling twist on a classic children’s game made even more gruesome by the sounds and heads of a child’s doll turning a full 180 degrees a la The Exorcist.

As we know, since its release, Squid Game has captivated audiences around the world by presenting various deadly simple games. Ted Sarandos, CEO of Netflix, stated that the show is on track to become the biggest in the streaming platform’s history as it reaches number one in countries around the world. The success has sparked requests for a sequel, but sadly, series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk stated he is not ready for another season.

Starring by Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae Soothis thriller presents an imaginative story about participants who risk their lives in a mysterious game of survival to win 45.6 billion won.

Although the original “stranded” doll has been saved, a replica has now been installed as part of a promotional effort by Netflix. An animatronic doll installed in a Manila area mall in the Philippines observes a crossing to catch pedestrians with its eyes shining red if anyone dares to try and cross at the wrong time. Check out the video below to see this gruesome action, and you can now watch all of the Squid Games on Netflix.

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