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The Must-Visit Krisna Funtastic Land Bali Tour

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Bali is always interesting to visit because there are many tourist destinations with various tourist concepts that exist there. Besides that, Bali is also well known to foreign countries so that Bali will continue to improve itself and this makes Bali still charming and not eroded by the times. Although currently there are more and more tourist attractions in Indonesia, Bali has not lost its charm.

There are not only natural attractions, such as snorkeling spots in Bali or beaches and mountains, but there are also tourist attractions that offer exciting rides. One of them is Krisna Funtastic Land Bali. Curious about what to do there? Here are some explanations.

Uniqueness of Krisna Funtastic Land

As explained above, this one tourist attraction is a suitable tourist attraction for children and families because there are many rides in it and can be chosen according to individual tastes. Krisna Funtastic Land in Bali is the first game vehicle in Bali and is still under the same auspices as Krisna Holding Company.

Having an area of ​​​​approximately 5 hectares, Krisna Funtastic Land stores at least 16 different types of rides. Each of these rides will provide its own excitement for visitors of all ages. This tourist attraction is a tourist attraction or Night Photo Spot in Bali because its opening hours are from 16.00 to 22.00 WITA.

The advantage of this tourist attraction is that of course visitors can enjoy the rides there more freely and comfortably without having to run out of extra energy, considering that during the day Bali will definitely be very hot. The presence of night attractions in Bali will pamper visitors so that visitors can be more comfortable there.

Krisna Funtastic Land Game Rides

Krisna Funtastic Land Game RidesAs explained above, there are at least 16 types of rides at Krisna Funtastic Land Bali and all of them have their own concept and fun and are suitable for Children’s Tourist Attractions in Bali. Here are some explanations.

  1. Airborne Shoot – is an adrenaline-pumping ride with a passionate throw while spinning.
  2. Boom-Boom Cars – is a car game that can be played alone or together with other visitors.
  3. Carousel – is a kind of children’s merry-go-round with spinning horses.
  4. Classic Train – is a vehicle where visitors can take a mini train to get around.
  5. Dragon Coaster – is a kind of simple roller coaster in the shape of a dragon that will give you a lot of fun.
  6. Flying Cakra – is an exciting game vehicle with a chakra-like formation that can spin around.
  7. Inflatabel Castle – is a castle that holds many surprises and fun.
  8. Krisna Air – is an educational vehicle on an airplane.
  9. Lantern Castle – is an area where there are many lanterns with various characters and shapes for photo spots.
  10. Rowing Boat – an exploration vehicle where visitors can row a boat around the park accompanied by various beautiful lanterns at night.
  11. Flywheel – is an exciting ride where the flywheel car needs to be controlled.
  12. Greenhouse – is an exploration vehicle to find a way out of the greenhouse.
  13. Self Control Plane – is a kind of airplane game where visitors can control the plane themselves.
  14. Singaraja Flayer – is a Ferris wheel in a tourist attraction to enjoy the atmosphere from a height.
  15. Star Tour – is a game vehicle such as an air bike where visitors can get around Krisna Funtastic Land from the track in the air.
  16. Vikings – is an adrenaline-pumping ride with a shape like a Viking ship.

Those are some of the game rides and tourist facilities at Krisna Funtastic Land that can be enjoyed by visitors who come.

Krisna Funtastic Land Entrance Ticket Prices

Basically, the price of admission to Krisna Funtastic Land Bali is quite cheap. However, to be able to enjoy the rides there, visitors need to pay again. So, if you want to visit Krisna Funtastic Land, it is hoped that visitors will really determine the budget at the beginning so that they can manage their finances well. It’s best to just ride the rides that really interest you so you don’t run out of pocket money while you’re there.

The price of admission tickets on Monday to Thursday is only IDR 10,000 per person while on weekends it is IDR 15,000 per person. Very cheap isn’t it? But to be able to enjoy the rides there, here are some price lists.

  1. Airborne Shoot – IDR 17,000 weekdays & IDR 20,000 weekend
  2. Boom-Boom Cars – IDR 15,000 weekday & IDR 17,000 weekend
  3. Carousel – IDR 10,000 weekdays & IDR 12,000 weekend
  4. Classic Train – IDR 10,000 weekdays & IDR 12,000 weekend
  5. Dragon Coaster – IDR 15,000 weekday & IDR 17,000 weekend
  6. Flying Cakra – IDR 20,000 weekdays & IDR 22,000 weekend
  7. Inflatable Castle – IDR 8,000 weekdays & IDR 10,000 weekend
  8. Krisna Air – IDR 10,000 weekdays & IDR 12,000 weekend
  9. Lantern Castle – IDR 15,000 weekdays & IDR 17,000 weekend
  10. Rowing Boat – IDR 15,000 & IDR 17,000 weekend
  11. Flywheel – IDR 15,000 weekday & 17,000 weekend
  12. Greenhouse – IDR 15,000 weekday & IDR 17,000 weekend
  13. Self Control Plane – IDR 15,000 weekday & IDR 17,000 weekend
  14. Singaraja Flayer – IDR 20,000 weekdays & IDR 22,000 weekend
  15. Start Tour – IDR 20,000 weekday & IDR 22,000 weekend
  16. Vikings – IDR 17,000 weekdays & IDR 20,000 weekend

Those are some entrance ticket prices and game ride tickets that you need to know. Determine what rides are interesting for you so that you can estimate the travel budget that needs to be spent when visiting there on weekdays or weekends.

The location of Krisna Funtastic Land Bali is on Jalan Raya Seririt Singaraja, precisely in Temukus Village, Banjar District, Bali. This place is quite easy to reach by car. But you should not bring excess food because to enter this tourist spot it is not allowed to bring food.

Those are some explanations about Krisna Funtastic Land Bali that you need to know. The advantages of Bali Tourism are that it is quite complete in displaying the tourist attractions that are there so you can choose various tourist concepts according to your taste. Hopefully the above information is useful for you, especially those who are planning to go to Bali.

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