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The Movie You and Him is now on MaxStream

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The film Kau and Dia, a collaboration of Trinity Optima Production, BC Entertainment, Volks Media and MAXStream, can be watched through the MAXStream platform starting Tuesday, September 14, 2021,

This drama film comes with a warm story of friendship and love for teenagers as a medicine for missing our interactions with school and the love of high school.

Directed by Ivan Bandhito, this film is the first work featuring Zara Leola, Anneth Delliecia and Ari Irham in one story.

You and Him


The friendship of Zara (Zara Leola) and Anneth (Anneth Delliecia), two teenage girls who have grown up and have been friends since childhood, are tested by the arrival of Naldo (Ari Irham), a new transfer student from out of town.

Starting from meeting Zara and Naldo at Zara’s favorite basketball court, since then they have often met playing basketball together. The more often they are together, Zara secretly harbors feelings for Naldo.

Since becoming friends with Zara, Naldo got a lot of information about Anneth which started to interest him. Zara’s pain deepens when she sees Anneth having the same feelings as Naldo. They were silent and did not speak to each other.

How is the journey of Zara and Anneth in maintaining their friendship in the midst of the dilemma of a teenage love triangle?

You and him movie
In the course of production which took two weeks, the film You and Dia was awaited by many friends who follow the Instagram account @kaudandiathemovie.

Ivan Bandhito as the director of the film Kau and Dia stated, the excitement is working with young people on this project.

It’s really fun collaborating with young people who are energetic and have different generations from me.. And of course this work answers that we can still be optimal in the midst of many limitations.”

Besides Zara Leola, Anneth Delliecia and Ari Irham , there are still other rows of players involved, namely Wulan Guritno, Enda Ungu, Endhita, Jenda, Azriel Bima, Azela Putri, Rheno Poetiray, Vikri Rasta, and many more. (cinemas)

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