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The Movie “Galang”: Presents the Struggle between Revenge and the Search for the Identity of a Young Child in the Underground Music Scene

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After releasing the feature-length music documentary “GELORA” in the middle of the year, this time RICH MUSIC together with SWAN STUDIO are back with the plan to release a music-themed fiction film entitled “GALANG”.

The film “Galang” was directed by Adriyanto Dewo, the main character Galang was entrusted to the newcomer Elang El Gibran, and put Asmara Abigail as Asmara. Also joining was Irfan Piliang playing the role of Agra.

Tells the story of Galang, a young boy living in Bandung who often accompanies his sister Maryam (played by Laras Sardi) to watch underground music concerts. One day, Maryam introduced a new band called AXFIKSIA to Galang. Maryam really likes this band especially because of the vocalist Irfan. Maryam also asked Galang to accompany her to watch a concert from AXFIKSIA at the concert hall one weekend.

Because Galang doesn’t like his music and feels embarrassed to accompany his brother to underground music concerts. He refused Maryam’s invitation and they parted in front of the entrance of the building accompanied by a disappointed tone from Maryam. Galang decided to go home first. After midnight, news came to her family, Maryam was admitted to the hospital, something happened during the concert but the information received was not clear. Arriving at the hospital, bad news hit, there was a riot after the band AXFIKSIA finished the concert; several people died that night.

After his older sister, Maryam dies at an underground music concert, Galang tries to get into the music scene to find reasons and answers to his guilt, for leaving his brother on the night of the tragedy. Galang sneaks into the basecamp of the band AXFIKSIA pretending to be a true fan, where he then meets Asmara (played by Asmara Abigail), AXFIKSIA’s band manager. Asmara accepts Galang as a crew. Slowly but surely, Galang began to enter the music scene through the entrance of Asmara. Galang did not say that he was the younger brother of one of the victims of the tragedy. Can Galang take revenge? Or will he find his truth and identity behind that night of tragedy?

In the film “GALANG”, Adriyanto Dewo again collaborated with the screenwriter, Tumpal Tampubolon. Previously the two together made the film “Tabula Rasa”. Besides starring Asmara Abigail and Elang El Gibran, this film also features Kiki Narendra (playing the father), Jenny Zhang (Mother), Agra Piliang (Irfan), Laras Sardi (Maryam).

As a music-themed film, ‘GALANG’ is getting stronger with cameos from bands such as Savor of Filth, Tcukimay, Rocket Rockers as well as musicians such as Ink ‘Rosemary’, Rian Pelor, Ami ‘Nudist Island’, Yas ‘Alone At Last’ and Buluk ‘Superglad’. Addy Gembel ‘Forgotten’ and Beby ‘Beside’ will also appear in the film and act as film consultants. Akew ‘Nectura’ is appointed as music director.

Produced by Rich Music who became the initiator of the DistorsiKERAS program series project and became the executive producer of this film. Not only the film ‘GALANG’, there will also be a DistorsiKERAS Virtual Concert which will take place from September – December 2021 (Phase 2). With the concept of virtual concerts throughout Indonesia, performers for each region are Rocket Rockers (Aceh & Lhokseumawe), Nectura and Summerlane (Medan & Pekanbaru), Closehead and Anarcute (Lampung & Jambi), For Revenge (Bandung & Sukabumi), Alone At Last (Garut, Tasikmalaya, Cirebon), Jeruji (Bogor & Depok), Private Number (Bekasi & Karawang), Hellcrust and Saturday Night Karaoke (Tangerang & Jakarta). Also featured were the winners of the auditions from each region.

The film Galang is currently shooting for 15 days in Bandung. The film is scheduled to be released in December 2021. At the end of the year there will also be a DistorsiKERAS Virtual Concert Big Bang with the line up Padi Reborn, Sugarpop, Beside, Godless Symptoms, then Bonga Bonga!, 510, Turtles Jr., and Taring.

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