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The Most Anticipated Chemistry of Krystal & Kim Jae Wook, 3 Reasons to Watch Korean Drama Crazy Love |

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'Crazy Love' poster.  (Instagram/@KBS2)
‘Crazy Love’ poster. (Instagram/@KBS2) – It has been confirmed that handsome actors Kim Jae Wook and Krystal have met through a romantic comedy Korean drama since late 2021, ‘Crazy Love’ finally premiered on March 7.

This Korean drama is directed by acclaimed director Kim Jung Hyung, who previously also directed hit Korean dramas such as ‘Jugglers,’ ‘My Fellow Citizens,’ and ‘Awaken’.

‘Crazy Love’ tells the story of Noh Go Jin, played by Kim Jae Wook, a CEO of the company GOTOP. Behind image perfect, Noh Go Jin has a weakness that is he is very narcissistic. One day, he finds out his assassination plot is being plotted. Then Noh Go Jin pretends to have amnesia.

Meanwhile, Krystal will play Lee Shin Ah, Noh Go Jin’s secretary. She was Noh Go Jin’s secretary for more than a year. He just finds out that he doesn’t have much time to live, he claims to be Noh Go Jin’s fiancé to take revenge.

Here are three reasons Korean drama lovers shouldn’t miss ‘Crazy Love’:

1. Crazy Storyline Full of Comedy

As the title suggests, this drama guarantees to deliver “crazy” things that make your stomach churn. The relationship between Noh Go Jin, a CEO who is crazy about money, and Lee Shin Ah, a secretary who wants to take revenge on the boss for causing trouble during his tenure by claiming to be Noh Go Jin’s fiancé.

Coupled with the character Oh Se Gi (Ha Jun), the vice president of GOTOP who looks “normal” but in fact has a secret that is no less surprising.

‘Crazy Love’ scriptwriter, Kim Bo Gyeom made a cute script and a refreshing storyline.

2. Dream Love Story

It seems that the love story between the CEO and the secretary is the most enjoyed genre. Although initially Noh Go Jin and Lee Shin Ah were ‘forced’ by circumstances to love each other. From hate to love in the end they start to grow true feelings.

The beginning of Noh Go Jin’s meeting was not smooth, the CEO always yelled at his secretary when the secretary didn’t do his job properly. While Lee Shin Ah is diagnosed with cancer, the woman blames Noh Go Jin for constantly stressing her so that she suffers from a serious illness that is taking her life short.

The boss-secretary relationship and the promise of revenge which later turns into love is one of the important points of this drama.

3. The most anticipated chemistry between Kystal and Kim Jae Wook

Not only the visual mix of Krystal and Kim Jae Wook, but chemistry unexpectedly the two are also highly anticipated. The handsome actor and actress has a unique aura and strong charisma, viewers can’t wait to see how the two main characters will perform their roles.

Kim Jae Wook becomes a narcissist who unconsciously becomes the enemy of many people, while Krystal becomes a woman who is desperate but has a strong desire for revenge.

‘Crazy Love’ premieres on March 7 at 9:30 p.m. KST on KBS2. However, there is no need to worry that international audiences can watch it on the Disney+ Hotstar platform.

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