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The Lock and Fita Application is Now Under the Telkomsel Umbrella Digital Ecosystem

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Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem has completed the transfer of Kuncie and Fita to become part of the company’s vertical business entity. Kuncie and Fita were previously part of the digital service innovation business unit at Telkomsel, the leading digital telecommunications company in Indonesia.

The completion of the transfer of Kuncie and Fita was marked by a Decree from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia which was issued recently. The transfer of Kuncie and Fita’s businesses will also allow Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem to accelerate the business of both corporate startups and various other digital vertical business sectors.

Now, Kuncie and Fita can manage their business more independently as vertical business entities under the auspices of the Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem, while still encouraging the use of various assets and capabilities in Telkomsel’s digital business pillar, whether through digital connectivity, digital platform, or digital services support.

“Successful in establishing Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem as a subsidiary of Telkomsel, we are now continuing our corporate action by transferring Kuncie and Fita to be part of the vertical business of Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem,” said Hendri Mulya Syam, President Director of Telkomsel.

Furthermore, Hendri also believes that the implementation of the Telkomsel roadmap will further accelerate the development of service innovations for the two corporate startups in the future, especially in unlocking more potential which is expected to contribute to the progress of the national digital economy.

Meanwhile, CEO of Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem Andi Kristianto said that this initiative was carried out to make Kuncie and Fita not only more independent, but also able to develop their business as startups that grow progressively.

“This initiative will also make it easier for Telkomsel Digital Ecosystems to support both corporate startups in maximizing support from Telkomsel’s assets and capabilities as well as in planning funding and communicating with investors and other business stakeholders in the future,” said Andi.

The CEO of Kuncie, Mario Nicolas, said the same thing. He said that this initiative will open Kuncie’s access to Telkomsel’s assets, especially for technology development, in reaching and providing the best experience for learners and mentors who are ready to join the Kuncie platform.

“We are increasingly optimistic that Fita will become the first preventive health-tech unicorn in Indonesia. Of course, having such a noble goal, Fita will achieve a healthier Indonesia as soon as possible,” said Reynazran Royono, CEO of Fita.

Kuncie is an online learning platform with a variety of practical skills from trusted mentors. Now, Kuncie has served more than one million users and is always ranked in the top 5 in the Google Playstore for the Education category.

Meanwhile, Fita is a platform that moves people to live a healthy lifestyle and has been trusted by more than one million users. And now, Fita has also been ranked first in the Google Playstore for the Health & Fitness category.

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