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The Latest Galaxy Devices are Material from Unused Fishing Nets

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In a move that combines sustainability and innovation, Samsung is developing new materials that give new life to plastic that ends up in the ocean (ocean-bound), becoming part of a wide range of Galaxy devices.

Made with unused fishing nets, the use of this material marks a new step in Samsung’s journey at Galaxy for the Planet aiming to minimize its environmental footprint and help foster a more sustainable lifestyle for the Galaxy community.

Now and in the future, Samsung will include ocean-bound plastics in its product range. This will start with the latest Galaxy devices which will be revealed on February 9th at Unpacked. These devices will reflect our ongoing efforts to eliminate single-use plastics.

Not only that, this step also aims to expand the use of other environmentally conscious materials, such as post-consumer materials (PCM) and recycled paper. With this transformation, the future of Galaxy technology will deliver cutting edge product designs and deliver better environmental impact.

The hidden threat of abandoned fishing nets

When you read the phrase ‘ocean-bound plastic’, you probably imagine a water bottle or shopping bag floating on the surface of the ocean. What may not come to mind is a more hidden threat: 640,000 tons of abandoned and discarded fishing nets every year.

Having been in our oceans for centuries, these ‘ghost nets’ trap and ensnare marine life, destroying coral reefs and natural habitats and can even end up in our food and water sources. These abandoned fishing nets are disturbing the balance of our environment at an alarming rate.

Collecting and reusing these nets is a vital first step in keeping our oceans clean and preserving the planet and our common future. Therefore, Samsung has contributed to saving the oceans by using these used fishing nets as material for the latest Galaxy devices.

Designing more sustainable products

Samsung has always pushed the boundaries of mobile technology, and the company today wants to do the same with its sustainability practices. By giving new life to unused fishing nets, Samsung is an example of how we can all do more to conserve our planet’s resources.

Samsung is committed to tackling plastic pollution in the oceans in a way that will positively impact not only the environment but the lives of all Galaxy users. This new technological advancement marks an important milestone in the company’s journey to deliver tangible environmental action.

The reuse of ocean-bound plastics is only the first step in our collective mission to tackle the climate crisis, and Samsung looks forward to using scale, innovation and open collaboration to find additional solutions. Watch our vision for a sustainable future on Unpacked (9 February 2022 at 22.00 WIB).

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