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The King’s Man Reveals The Big Secret Origin Of The Kingsman Secret Service

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Unlike the previous Kingsman films, “The King’s Man” will take audiences back a century, in the historical events of the World War I era, and explore the origins of the Kingsman agency; how and why the agency was formed. “The King’s Man” tells the story of Orlando Oxford (Ralph Fiennes), an English nobleman who tries to protect his son, Conrad Oxford (Harris Dickinson), from the negative effects of war and the dark side of the world. He realized that the evil and madness that occurred in the world was triggered by some evil parties behind the scenes. Oxford also does not work alone, he is assisted by his bodyguard and confidant, Shola (Djimon Hounsou), and also a housekeeper, Polly (Gemma Arterton) who is clever.

“The King’s Man” tells the story of history in a uniquely ‘Kingsman’ way, but still shows the impact and destruction of war. The film also highlights important details recounting Kingsman’s involvement in these events. Director Matthew Vaughn had high hopes for “The King’s Man” in telling how espionage has changed over time. “The King’s Man” is an epic adventure that will take viewers on an unexpected and emotional journey. We hope that fans can get to know and like ‘Kingsman’ more through this film,” he said.

Harris Dickinson as Conrad and Ralph Fiennes as Oxford in 20th Century Studios’ THE KING’S MAN. Photo credit: Peter Mountain. © 2020 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Just like the previous ‘Kingsman’ films, “The King’s Man” also shows the Kingsman Tailor Shop which also functions as the organization’s headquarters and armory in London. The element of fashion, specifically elegant suits, was an integral part of the previous ‘Kingsman’ films, and “The King’s Man” was no exception.

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