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The King Of Tears, Lee Bang Won Won’t Show 2 Weeks After Torturing Horses

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The Korean drama The King Of Tears, Lee Bang Won is in the spotlight because of the way of shooting that is considered torturing animals. While filming, they did not use CGI when shooting dangerous scenes with a horse.

In the scene in question, Lee Bang Won’s father, Lee Sung Gye, was attacked while riding a horse and fell. In the show, the horse being ridden also seemed to fall quite hard.

The Korean Animal Welfare Association or KAWA conducted an investigation and revealed behind-the-scenes videos that were deemed problematic. It appears the horse is tied up with a comrade and accidentally tripped over by the crew.

“Based on the behind-the-scenes video, the horse is seen curled up on the ground in a position that indicates the possibility of serious physical injury. The scene was done in such a dangerous manner that the stunt double who fell from the horse could also suffer significant injuries,” said KAWA.

KBS has previously expressed an apology for the controversy of The King Of Tears, Lee Bang Won. They also reported that the horse in the scene died a week after filming.

KBS said, “Because viewers have recently begun to express concern over the horse’s condition, we are re-checking its condition. With great regret, we have to convey that the horse died about a week after filming,” KBS said.

We must take responsibility for this incident. We apologize for not being able to prevent this incident from happening. With this incident, KBS is aware of a problem with the way the horse scene was shot. In order to prevent the same incident from happening again, we will look for other ways to take pictures of those scenes,” he concluded.

Despite apologizing, the public is still disappointed with the method used by The King Of Tears production team, Lee Bang Won, to take pictures. With all the criticism, KBS decided to stop broadcasting the drama for 2 weeks.

Not only that, the special episode that was supposed to air at the Lunar New Year celebration was also canceled.

KBS also decided to delete the episode that aired the horse scene on the official website of the drama The King Of Tears, Lee Bang Won. But the episode in question can still be watched on Wavve, it’s just that the problematic scene has been deleted.

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