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The King of Tears Drake Lee Bang Won Condemned for Alleged Animal Torture

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The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won is currently a Korean drama airing on KBS 1TV which is currently in the spotlight. This is because one of the episodes that aired this week.

In the episode, Lee Bang Won’s father, Lee Sung Gye, was attacked while riding a horse and fell. In the show, the horse being ridden also seemed to fall quite hard.

Initially, the public thought that all the scenes were filmed using CGI. However, the Korean Animal Welfare Association decided to investigate further, and found something quite sad.

They uploaded a video that is believed to be behind the scenes filming the episode of The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won

The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won Photo: (doc. ist)

What is meant is. In the video, it appears that the shooting was done with stunt actors and real horses without CGI.

“We have confirmed the suspicion that the horse was tied with wire, then deliberately tripped by the crew for the sake of the scene in question,” said the Korean Animal Welfare Association.

“Based on the behind-the-scenes video, the horse can be seen curled up on the ground in a position that indicates the possibility of serious physical injury. The scene was shot in such a dangerous manner that a stunt double falling from the horse could also suffer significant injuries.”

In the video in question, the staff immediately helped the fallen actor. However, they do not seem to care about the fate of the horse, which can also be injured.

“Shortly after the actor fell off the horse, crew members rushed to his side to check. However, none of the staff or professional handlers examined the horse,” explained the Animal Welfare Association.

“So far, we don’t know how to determine whether the horse is injured or not. We are very surprised because in 2022, a major public broadcasting station is using this method to serialize,” he concluded.

Currently, netizens have filed a petition through the official KBS website. They demanded an explanation for the incident in question.

KBS also released a statement and confirmed that it was still examining this matter with The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won. “We are looking into this matter and are arranging a statement to be released soon.”

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