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The Key to the Resurrection of the Mighty Bima After Printing 2 consecutive victories

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Monday, 7 March 2022 – 18:00 WIB

VIVA – Bima Perkasa Jogja’s DNA is back on the winning path in the 2022 Indonesian Basketball League (IBL). Bima Perkasa has won two consecutive victories.

Bima Perkasa’s first victory came on Saturday, March 5, 2022, when he defeated the Tangerang Hawks with a score of 79-61. Meanwhile, the team from Yogyakarta got the second victory when they finished off Bumi Borneo Pontianak with a score of 76-61.

Bima Perkasa’s DNA coach, Kartika Siti Aminah, said that the key to the successive wins that his team achieved was that the players had begun to understand and get used to the tactics given.

The action of Bima Perkasa DNA player, Ikram Fadhil

Kartika said that the mix of local and foreign players who are getting more and more fit also has a positive impact on Bima Perkasa’s game. In addition, Kartika also praised the players who always fought hard and played enthusiastically in every match.

“The most important thing is to understand each other and then the physical conditions that support the game plan. Apart from that, many players have experienced playing with the bubble system,” said Kartika, Monday, March 7, 2022.

The teamwork that had been lost in Serie I Jakarta was back in the match against the Tangerang Hawks and Bumi Borneo Pontianak. Against the Tangerang Hawks the engine was already hot from the first quarter.

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