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The Indonesian Trail Running Association Conquered the Bogor Sentul Hill Track

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Tuesday, February 8, 2022 – 16:02 WIB

VIVA – After holding the National Conference and Working Meeting of the Central Executive and selecting Bima Arya Sugiarto as general chairman, the Indonesian Trail Running Association (ALTI) immediately stepped on the gas along a 7 kilometer track in the hills of Sentul, Bogor, Tuesday 8 February 2022.

The start starts at 06.00 WIB at Taman Budaya, Sentul. The participants started running down the highway. The trail begins to divide the river. Participants one by one ran jumping over the rocks. From that location, dozens of participants took hilly terrain with forest tracks.

“Trails with conventional running are different. This trail must enter off-road terrain. So there are some roads, there are mostly fields, rice fields, beaches, mountains, dirt roads and others. It feels more challenging. we only run 7 kilometers but the aches are the same as 15 kilos on the road, so 10 percent is road, the rest is offroad,” said Muhammad Farhan, Chairman of the ALTI Daily when interviewed, Tuesday, February 8, 2022.

Chairman of ALTI, Bima Arya Sugiarto said that conquering the Sentul track was part of the ALTI National Conference series on Monday, February 7 2022. AlTI itself, said Bima, wanted to popularize trail running. Trail running contains many aspects ranging from tourism, tourism, to the environment.

“And we want to synergize with all. Collaborate with all. This is not just running. More than just running. This is close to nature, with recreation, with tourism, with the environment, so we want to excite this. Our tag line is let’s run Indonesia,” explained Bima .

Continued Bima said, ALTI saw the enthusiasm for trail running in Indonesia continues to rise. Currently there are 12 regional administrators at the provincial level. And until 2025 AlTI targets to add 25 regional level administrators. So that ALTI can move to be registered with KORMI and KONI.

Many figures have served as ALTI’s advisory board to carry out the work program. Among them, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno, Deputy Governor of East Java Emil Dardak to Inspector General Pol Marthinus Hukom, Head of Densus 88.

“Because this is in many areas. Enthusiasm is great. It needs to be pushed even harder to get legitimacy and support from all. There is mas Emil Dardak, the deputy governor of East Java, because East Java has an event that is very reliable, namely Bromo Tangger Semeru BTS. Supervisor Komjen Marthinus Hukom Head of Densus 88. Kang Farhan and I will work together to develop this organization more vigorously,” said Bima.

Bima added that in the near future ALTI will hold various activities to popularize trail running, starting from Mesastrila in Magelang, ALTI Palu, to activities in Karo, North Sumatra and the Rinjani Mountains, West Nusa Tenggara.

“We will popularize this in a recreational direction as well as for beginners with friendly mileage and duration and elevation. So that it is popular among high school lovers, campus lovers who can start early,” he explained.

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